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The honey energy drink is a drink first seen in "Belly of the Beast." In the episode, Finn calls them "honey-flavored energy drinks," suggesting that they may not actually contain any real honey. The Bears in the monster's guts drink this quite heavily, along with their leader, Party Pat. It apparently allows them to stay awake to party, as Finn and Jake, having not had any of this drink themselves, are easily out-partied by the Bears.


While the drink itself is never seen, the cup in which it is served is shaped like a beehive and is served with a blue straw.


  • In Candy Scramble, they are called Honey Juice Boxes, which can be purchased to help your team run faster.
  • The flavor of the drink is based on the stereotype that bears like honey, popularized by the Winnie the Pooh Disney media franchise.
  • There is an actual honey-based energy drink known as RevHoney being marketed in America.