Hobus was one of Princess Bubblegum's first suitors. He died while waiting for a chance to court the princess. His place was taken by his son, Loghan. He, like many other men in Ooo, based his courting skills from the book Mind Games. After he died, his grandson went to his open coffin to take the book, his suit, and a cake-like hat from his body. He believed they would help him win Bubblegum's heart. According to Braco, Hobus knew most about Princess Bubblegum.


Because the only thing shown is his skeleton, his appearance while living is unknown. However, because they are related, he is presumed to have looked similar to Braco. In his coffin, he is dressed in a dark red suit with a purplish bow tie. On the right side of his suit, he has a small, lavender, six-pointed flower. He also has a large, layered hat of a dark gold color. The hat has small, red, decorative pom-poms hanging from strings on the hat's circumference, much like a sombrero.

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