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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Hide and Seek" from season 8, which aired on January 31, 2017.

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[ Snarling ]


Kara. Kara!

Yes, Dr. Gross?

That's quitea scenic landscape out there,

but was it always so lush?

No, it used to bea desert island.

Very good, Kara.

It was once barren ,but we intervened.

Like all of the islands, we helped it grow.

And do you Seekers know why?

♪ We had to leave our place because ♪

♪ The world was dyin' ♪

♪ And everyone that wasn't dead ♪

♪ Spent all of their time cryin' ♪

♪ Our ways had failed ,nature had failed ♪

♪ We made a lot of errors ♪

♪ The Founders had some new ideas ♪

♪ That made everything better ♪

♪ The Founders dreamt of this island ♪

♪ Our ships landed on its shore ♪

♪ They built our wonderful Guardian ♪

♪ To keep destruction from our door ♪

♪ The Hiders fear these new ideas ♪

♪ But do your best to help them ♪

♪ 'Cause just outside is darkness and death ♪

♪ Disease, monsters and problems ♪

♪ So come out of your hiding place ♪

♪ Come out of the darkness ♪

♪ And we'll find a new way ♪

♪ To live by the light of the Founders ♪

Let's get to today's lesson.

[ Claps ]

[ Whirring ]

Please, load lesson 38B.

Automated female voice: Educating. Educating.

[ Ding ]Lesson uploaded.

Yes, power up!

All right, Seekers, remember your homework ‐‐

50 deadlifts by tomorrow.

So how's your Experimenter classes going, Frieda?

Eh. It's all intro stuff for kids.

Look at this janky thing.

[ Babyish voice ]I'm a dumb toy for babies!

[ Normal voice ] Experimenter stuff's just boring.

Boring can still be important.

It's all par tof the Founders' plan.

Are you freestyling your own verse

to that nerdy Founders song?

No, but that song is deeply satisfying.

Chillax, K‐Bot.

You're getting big and hunky.

Yeah! Being a Seeker's great!

I love my beefy...bod.


Jake: Aah!

Finn: Oh hey, I think it...stopped!

[ Thud ]Uhh!

Aah! Ohh! Whee!


Huh. This was more funin my dreams.

Dudes, I found Susan!



What's up with her, man?

I think she's sleepwalking.

Let's just find out where she's going.

[ Haltingly ] Find them, catch them.

Find them, catch them.

Dr. Gross: [ Amplified voice ]Find them, catch them!

[ Siren wailing ]Bring back those Hiders, y'all!

Your implants have made you stronger and better!

Wait! I'll help you!

Hey there! Wink![ Ding ]


You didn't think that was cute?


Come on, I'm innocent, I tells you!

I'm justa handsome bystander!

[ Thud ]



[ Whimpers ]

All: Kara! Kara! Kara!

Find them! Catch them!Help them!

Find them!Catch them! Help them!

Man over P. A.: New patientfor Dr. Minerva on Deck 3.

What do you gotfor me, Kara?

A sad ol' Hiderwith two busted legs.

Oh, I love busted legs![ Chuckles ]

When will he beat full health?

Tomorrow morning.

Okay, I'll have a transporthere in the morning

to shuttle him to re‐ed.

[ Yawns ]

[ Joints pop ]

[ Door whooshes ]

[ Mattress creaks ]

Jake: What's she doing?

I think she's, uh, getting readyto sleepwalk‐sleep.

Man, this island is nasty.Who'd want to live here?

[ Boing ]

You know, there are peopleon the other side of the world

that are never gonna seethese stars.

That's bunk, Frieda.We're the only people left.

The islands are likea beautiful safe haven.

I've read all the old storiesabout 'em, you know?

About other placesand people.

I'd like to see those placesone day, and meet those people.

They can't all be monsters.

You can't say that, Frieda.

Oh, relax.I'm just globbin'.

Hey, watch this.

[ Beep ]

[ Static crackles ]

[ Laughs ] That's notwhat I look like.

Yeah, it is! Come on, flex!

[ Laughs ] See?

[ Static crackles ]

Wow. Am I really that buff?

I look great!

Don't you just lovethis place?


[ Sigh ] Yeah.

Okay, class,before we start today's lesson,

I need to announce thatwe're missing

a number of contrapulators

and an expensiveunilateral phase detractor.

If you're using these itemsfor personal projects,

you need to first equip themin your character file, okay?

Since today is Founders Friday,we're going to sing

our Founders Song.[ Blips ]

I have to go pee!


[ Panting ]

[ Metal jangles ]Frieda?

Frieda, no!What are you doing?

Go back to class, Kara.You didn't see me.


Stop running!Stop chasing!

Kara: Omph!Frieda: Aah!

[ Loud thud ]

[ Groaning ]

Frieda, are you tryingto leave us?

Leave me?

I was gonna write a note.

Listen, someone might see usout here.

We can talk in that cave.


No, you don't haveto carry me!

[ Gasp ]


What is that?

It's a foolproof wayoutta here.

But why? We're safe here.

We have no freedom, Kara!

I want to seewhat's out there.

It's all just bad stuffout there.

You're only gonna get hurt.Maybe.

But maybe getting hurtisn't the worst thing there is.

I want to be me,

and that's never gonnahappen here.

Frieda, I'm sorry, I just ‐‐But you can help me!

I'm only missingthe engine now, see?

And you're so strong,you can carry it in one trip.

This is...

I have to go...think.

Uh, okay.

I'll be here.

Hey, Kara. You're not gonnatell on me, right?

It's gonna be okay.

Dr. Gross?

Kara! My teacher's pet.

And you know I mean thatin a good way.

Listen, um, sorry aboutrunning off earlier.

When you gotta go,you gotta go.

But that's not really whatyou wanna talk about, right?

Well, you know howyou always say

that humans will findthe best way?

The Founders get creditfor that bit of wisdom.

If someone found a way,that's, uh, different from ours,

but seems to work for them,

couldn't that also bea good way?

Ah. You've heard some Hider preaching, haven't you?

Well, listen, kid.

We tried exploring the outside world,

and we were almost destroyed!

We're the last humans,

so it's our responsibility to stay here,

and it's your responsibility to help these misguided Hiders.



[ Loud clank ]

Your engine. You just broke it!

What?![ Laughs ] I'm kidding.

It must weigh, like, a ton.

How would you have done this...[ Grunts ] without me?

I don't know, maybe roll it on tubes,

or find some hunky Hider somewhere?

Mm, you better hurry.

I'll give you a push off so they don't hear the engine.

Come with me, Kara.

Frieda, I'm ‐‐


Thanks for the tip, my loyal, faithful Seeker.

Go fetch.

[ Electricity surges ]

Kara?[ Robotic voice ]Target acquired.

Aah! Kara, no!

Stop! Ow!

Initiate grabbing. Ah!

Eliminating transport.

No! Stop it!

Don't! No!

[ Crying ] Why?

Oh, Kara, why?

No. [ Sobbing ] Why?

That's enough, XJ‐7‐7.Let's go home.

[ Humming Founders song]

Jake: I'm pretty sure she's awake.

She's got that "Focused Stank" about her.

Susan, are you okay?


My name is Kara.