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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Hero Heart" from season 9, which aired on April 27, 2017.

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[The episode begins with a view of the Candy Kingdom panning towards the Fire Kingdom while indistinct chanting is heard.]
Flame People: Smash the nerds!
Flame People: Smash the nerds!
[Cut to the Flame People marching into the Candy Kingdom while Flame Princess is leading the onslaught.]
Flame People: [chanting] Nerds, nerds, smash the nerds!
Flame People: A nerdless world is the best kind of world!
Flame People: Nerd, nerds, no more nerds!
[Fire Finn grunts]
LSP: Finn!
Fire Finn: Fight, fight, fight.
[LSP floats in front of Fire Finn]
LSP: Finn, stop.
LSP: What happened to getting the fire jewel and saving Ooo?
LSP: Is this about you ex?
Fire Finn: This is about the purity of battle.
LSP: Okay, but you usually have a reason for fighting.
Fire Finn: The fiery heartbeat of battle is its own reason.
LSP: No, that's stupid.
[Fire Finn attempts to slice LSP with his sword. LSP dodges the attack.]
Fire Finn: ‐Yah!‐
LSP: Oh, Glob!
[LSP floats back in front of Fire Finn]
LSP: Just listen to the beat of your hero heart.
Fire Finn: I only hear the drums of war.
[LSP puts her hand up against her ear. Fire Finn tries to slice LSP again]
LSP: What drums?
[LSP notices Fire Finn walking away from her]
LSP: No!
[LSP grabs onto Fire Finn's leg and grunts]
LSP: Finn!
LSP: You're hurting me physically and emotionally.
[Fire Finn manages to get LSP of his leg]
Fire Finn: Fight, fight...
LSP: Dang it, Finn.
LSP: Becoming a crazy, fiery bad boy has only made you even more of a babe.
[A shadow appears above LSP]
Ice King: Check it out, LSP.
[LSP turns herself over]
LSP: Wha?
[Ice King and Betty are standing on a magic carpet]
Ice King: It's a real magic flying carpet.
Ice King: I feel just like Scheherazade.
Betty: Lump creature, did you get the fire jewel?
LSP: No. Flame Princess freakin' ate it.
LSP: And now the fire guys are attacking the Candy Kingdom because they took everything I said the wrong way.
LSP: And that's totally on them.
LSP: But also, we lost Finn to the flames of war!
Ice King: Okay. I'll go find him.
Ice King: Finn? Finn?
[Ice King pulls out a telescope]
Ice King: Oh, where are you, pal?
[Ice King notices Gunter and gasps]
Ice King: It's Gunter.
Ice King: He's in flames, too.
Ice King: We have to rub soothing lotion on Guntzy.
Ice King: You got any lotion?
Ice King: Your skin is so hydrated.
[Cut to a view of the candied Treehouse. Fun, Nectr, and Lemonpink are playing Go Fish with their candy bars.]
Fun: Hmm.
Fun: Got any...
Fun: Caramel Crunch Pies?
[Lemonpink Groans]
Lemonpink: ["Laughs"]
Fun: Oh, man, I don't think you should play this game ever again.
Fun: You're too good at it.
Fun: What is that sound?
[Fun goes to the window and sees the Flame People]
Fun: Ooh, company's coming!
[Fun, Lemonpink, and Nectr run down a ledge. They get on the lemon cart and head towards the Flame People. Fun and Lemonpink cheer.]
Fun and Lemonpink: Whoo!
Lemonpink: ‐Yes!
Lemonpink: Mm! Look at all these thirsty customers!
[Nectr Dings]
Lemonpink: Ooh, the pies are ready!
[Nectr begins to dispense ice-cream pies]
Lemonpink: Mm! Ice‐cream pies for all our hot new friends!
[One of the ice-cream pies land on a flame person and begins to extinguish them]
Flame Person: Aah!
[Nectr continues to throw ice-cream pies, extinguishing some of the Flame People. Fun and Lemonpink laugh. The lemon cart gets trampled by the Flame People]
Lemonpink: Whoa! Mm!
[Draumatic pause]
Lemonpink: Maybe they don't like lemonade.
[Lemonpink laughs]
[Ice King and Betty fly towards the Flame Crowd]
Ice King: Gunter, your ride is here.
[Flame Gunter breaths a bit of fire and slaps his chest]
Ice King: Gee, who sneezed in your corn flakes?
Betty: He's gone. The fire has taken his mind.
Ice King:Is this true, Goontz?
Flame Gunther: Wenk! Wenk! Wenk!
[Flame Gunther attempts to hit Ice King and Betty with fireballs. The Flame People grunt at them]
Ice King: Look, weird lady, I don't know you and you don't know me, but we're the only sane people left in this crazy, mixed‐up world.
Ice King: Or maybe the world's fine and we're the ones losing our marbles.
Ice King: Either way, it's up to us to save the day.
Betty: Simon.
Ice King: So, let's get in there and mash their potatoes.
Ice King:You got any mashed potatoes? I'm hungry.
[Flame Princess kicks Ice King and Betty with her tail, causing them to scream.]
Flame Princess: Nerds.
[Cut to the lemon cart. Fun and Lemonpink are smiling unsettlingly. LSP tries to catch up to Fire Finn]
LSP: I have to hurry.
LSP: All this chaos and mayhem is just ‐‐ ugh!
[LSP catches up to Fire Finn and floats in front of him]
LSP: Finn!
[LSP catches up to Fire Finn]
LSP: You have to stop this.
LSP: Think of Jake.
LSP: How are you going to fix him if you're a fire bozo?
LSP: And if not for Jake, do it for me.
[Fire Finn shoves LSP out of his way with his sword]
LSP: Aah! Oh, my side.
Flame Crowd: [ Chanting ] Nerds, nerds, smash the nerds! [Fire Finn catches up with the rest of the Flame People]
Flame People: A nerdless world is the best kind of world!
Flame People: Nerd, nerds, no more nerds!
[The Flame People have made it to Princess Bubblegum. She hums and stops once she notices them.]
Princess Bubblegum: My children have come home.
Flame Princess: We've come for you!
[Marshmaline suddenly appears next to Princess Bubblegum]
Marshmaline: Oh, a dragon, how fun!
Marshmaline: I can do a dragon. Look.
[Mashmaline transforms into a marshmallow version of her bat form. Flame Princess grows wings and flies towards her]
Marshmaline: I see you’ve been playing with matches.
Flame Princess: Fight me, nerd!
[Flame Princess slaps Marshmaline with her tail. Marshmaline giggles]
Marshmaline: Whoo-hoo-hoo!
[Marshmaline giggles]
Are we wrasslin'?
[Marshmaline stretches Flame Princess’ mouth with her feet]
Marshmaline: Fun!
[Marshmaline spins in the air with Flame Princess. Marshmaline giggles and Flame Princess grunts. Marshmaline and Flame Princess stop spinning.]
Flame Princess: Aah! Stop having fun!
[LSP gets up and gasps in horror]
LSP: Finn, no!
[A candier Banana Guard walks towards Fire Finn. Fire Finn slices the Banana Guard in half. The Banana Guard closes the wound and walks away.’']
LSP: This isn’t you!
[Fire Finn kicks a candier Starchy and grunts.]
LSP: You’re being a very naughty boy, Finn!
[Fire Finn melts Ice Cream Guy with his sword]
LSP: Oh, Glob.
[Marshmaline is play-slapping Flame Princess.]
LSP: Everyone I know is spazzing out on each other.
[Fire Wyatt is assaulting Mr. Pig. Tree Trunks claps in the background]
LSP: They're spazzing each other to death
[On her horse, Fire Me-Mow shoots fire snakes by candier versions of Colonel Candy Corn and Crunchy. The fire snakes turn into flames. Colonel Candy Corn and Crunchy dance. Fire Me-Mow walks up to them and shoots a fire snake at Colonel Candy Corn]
LSP: Is this the end?
[ The camera shows a close up of LSP’s face. Fire is in her eyes.]
LSP: Will I be the last witness to the glory of this world that I chose above all others?
[Marshmaline giggles offscreen]
Marshmaline: Tickle, tickle, tickle.
[Marshmaline begins tickling Flame Princess and giggles. Flame Princess blasts Marshmaline in the face with fire. Marshmaline falls turning back into her normal form. Her face is now burnt. LSP gasps.]
LSP: Marceline!
[LSP gets up, and prepares to catch Marshmaline]
LSP: I got you!
[Marshmaline lands on the ground behind LSP. LSP floats next her. Marshmaline groans.]
Marshmaline: I got burned
[Marshmaline laughs weakly]
LSP: Oh, Marcy.
[LSP begins to cry]
I don’t think I can save the world on my own.
I got, like, the morals and the charisma and the good looks, but I lack field experience!
[LSP bursts into tears]
Why couldn't I just get morphed like everyone else?
LSP: Curse these superior genes!
[Marshmaline laughs]
Marshmaline: Have some marshmallow, dude.
Marshmaline: It'll calm you down.
[Marshmaline presses her face against LSP's]
LSP: Mm.
[Marshmaline peels the burnt part of her face by sticking it to LSP's. LSP slurps up Marshmaline's burnt face]
LSP: Mmm.
[LSP chews Marshmaline's face. Lumpy Space appears behind LSP. She inhales, and exhales deeply]
LSP: [ Softly ] Your face tastes like my happy place.
Fire Finn: [ Offscreen ] Rah!
[Fire Finn swings his sword. LSP gasps]
[Cut to Fire Finn throwing a candier version of Chocoberry]
Fire Finn: Ahh!
Fire Finn: Fire Finn rules!
[Fire Finn climbs his way to Princess Bubblegum's face]
LSP: It's time to go professional.
Fire Finn: Hah...hah...yah.
[Fire Finn finishes climbing and Princess Bubblegum notices him.]
Princess Bubblegum: Finn!
Princess Bubblegum: My little sugarplum.
[Princess Bubblegum raises Fire Finn towards her face with her gum body]
Princess Bubblegum: You've returned to accept your sweet fate.
Fire Finn: I ain't sweet!
[Fire Finn takes out his sword]
Fire Finn: I'm a pure warrior with guns, and I'ma murder you for funs!
Fire Finn: Rahhh!
[Fire Finn prepares to kill Princess Bubblegum. LSP and Marshmaline float in front of him]
LSP: No!
LSP: You can't stab a person you love, Finn!
Fire Finn: I'll stab you!
[Fire Finn tries to stab LSP. LSP dodges the attack]
LSP: ‐Aah!
Princess Bubblegum: ‐Oof!
[LSP notices Princess Bubblegum's face]
LSP: Hmm.
[LSP pulls out a wad of gum from Princess Bubblegum's face]
LSP: I'm sending you to your...
[LSP puts the piece of gum on Fire Finn’s face]
LSP: happy place!
[The gum burns up. Fire Finn sniffs and snorts the scent of the gum. The camera zooms in on Fire Finn's face. A black void filled with fire. The fire turns into a seen from To Cut a Woman's Hair]
Princess Bubblegum: Here, take it, you cutie.
[Finn accepts Princess Bubblegum’s gift. Princess Bubblegum turns into her Lich form]
Monster Princess Bubblegum: Rawr!
LSP: [ Echoing ] I said your happy place.
[Monster Princess Bubblegum explodes into flames]
LSP: Happy place!
[The pieces of flames turn into the younger version of Princess Bubblegum]
Princess Bubblegum: I wish I could stay like this.
[Finn and Princess Bubblegum flare up. Finn (with both of his arms) puts out the flames. A scene from The Pajama War plays]
Finn: I've enjoyed just ‐‐ just hanging out.
Princess Bubblegum: Me too.
[Fire Finn’s eyes change shape. Fire Finn swallows the burnt gum. Fire Finn drops his sword. Fire Finn rolls on the "ground", turning back into Finn. Finn gets up from the "ground".]
Finn: You did it, LSP.
Finn: I'm human Finn.
[Finn hugs LSP]
LSP: There's no time for romance, Finn.
LSP: We got to get that jewel.
Oh, yeah.
[Finn leaps onto Princess Bubblegum’s crown. Finn takes the gem out of the socket]
Finn: I'm bringing you back, Bonnie.
[Princess Bubblegum giggles]
Princess Bubblegum: That's sweet.
[Finn jumps onto LSP pulling Marshmaline down with them]
Princess Bubblegum: Sweet, [Princess Bubblegum’s arms emerge] but not sweet enough.
[Finn, LSP, and Marshmaline are falling. Finn and LSP scream, while Marshmaline giggles. Marshmaline is tackled by Flame Princess]
Marshmaline: Eeh!
[Finn and LSP land on the ground face first]
LSP: Ugh!
[Princess Bubblegum begins to rumble and grunt. The Candy and Flame People proceed to look at her]
Princess Bubblegum: This charade has run its course.
Princess Bubblegum: In your hearts, you are all sweet.
[The song Let Me Call You Sweetheart begins. Magic sugar comes out of Princess Bubblegum’s hands]
Princess Bubblegum: [singing] ♫ Let me call you sweetheart
Princess Bubblegum: I'm in love with you
Gunther: Wenk.
[Flame Gunther tries to slice the sugar, but fails, getting turned into a candy person. His body is a smartie, his beak an ice cream cone, his flippers are chocolate bars, and his feet are jellybeans. Gunter’s sword turns into sugar]
Princess Bubblegum: Let me hear you whisper
[Finn gasps, about to be turned into candy. LSP floats in front of him, to protect him from the sugar]
LSP: Let my impervious bod be your shield!
[LSP swallows the sugar, not being effected by the by it]
Princess Bubblegum: That you love me, too
[Flame Princess screams, as she’s being turned into a candy person]
Princess Bubblegum: Keep the love‐light glowing
Flame Princess: [softly] No!
[Flame Princess’ physical transformation is complete. Her skin is yellow, her eyes are pink gumballs, her dress is a green candy wrapper, and her hair is red candy. Finn notices her and gasps]
Finn: Flame Princess!
Princess Bubblegum: In your eyes so true
[Candy Flame Princess coughs]
Let me call you sweetheart
[Flame Princess vomits out Red Hots]
Princess Bubblegum: I'm in love with you ♫
[Candy Flame Princess gags up her gem on the ground. Finn picks it up]
Finn: The final jujubee.
Betty: Finn!
[Princess Bubblegum looks down at the ground, proud of her accomplishment. Princess Bubblegum notices LSP. LSP is eating the sugar.]
Princess Bubblegum: Purple clump, you are a sour anomaly.
[LSP hears Princess Bubblegum and stops eating the sugar]
LSP: Whuh?
LSP: [ Muffled ] What'd you call me?
[Princess Bubblegum buries LSP with jellybeans and LSP screams]
[Cut to Finn running towards Betty]
Betty: Give me them jewels, Finn. We're out of time.
Betty: Give me, give me, give me.
Finn: Here.
[Finn gives Betty the jewels. Betty cackles manically]
Finn: Now, let's grab LSP and get the buns out of here ‐‐
[Betty pushes Finn off of the carpet and onto the ground]
Finn: Huh?
[Betty begins cackling. Ice King shakes his head not knowing what is going on. Betty flies into the sky. Finn gets up]
Finn: I've been betrayed.
Finn: I've been Betty‐trayed!
[Rustling is heard from the bushes. A bear that looks like a gummy bear comes out of the bushes. Finn notices it and screams. The Gummy Bear smiles. Song begins.]
Gummy Bear: [singing] ♫ Let me call you sweetheart
[Candy versions of the Stag and Mrs. Cow come out of the bushes]
Gummy Bear, Candy Stag, and Candy Mrs. Cow: I'm in love with you
[Finn starts to back away. More candy animals come out of the forest.]
Candy Animals: Let me hear you whisper
Candy Animals: That you love me, too
[Finn turns around and screams. The rest of the Candy People (including Princess Bubblegum) are singing along]
Candy People: Keep the love‐light glowing
[The camera zooms in on Candy Flame Princess]
Candy People: Let me call you sweetheart
[Cut to the Candy People circling Finn]
Candy People: I’m in love with you ♫
[The Candy People corner in Finn, and the episode ends]