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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Helpers (episode)" from season 8, which aired on Februray 2, 2017.

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Kara: We're closing in on Minerva's brainwave signature.

We should touch down in just a few minutes.


So, that's what my mom'sthoughts look like.

They look good.

I think.

Hold on.


That's her?

Mm‐hmm.Dr. Minerva.


She looks nice.

[ Beeping ]

We're here, Finn.

Buckle up.I'm gonna take us down.


There's so many.

Are they friendly, Kara?The people here?

[ Chuckles ] Don't worry,you're gonna fit right in.


Kara: Finn? Finn?

Hey, listen.

I remember enoughabout my old life

to know that there weresome dangerous people here.

So let's stick together,okay?

And let's all try tokeep a low profile.

Minerva! Minerva!

Hey, you,where's Minerva?

Wha! Geez.

You scared mewith that costume, citizen.

Don't change the subject.Now, where's Minerva?

And does she have any chipsor crackers or anything?

I'm getting real tiredof picking batteries

out of these BMO cakes.

Where's Minerva?

Man, that'sa pretty weird question.

Minerva's everywhere.

Additionally,everyone knows that.

Just look around forsomebody who needs help,

and Minerva will be therehelping, obviously.

"Where's Minerva?"[ Chuckles ]

‐Thanks.‐She's everywhere?

You hear that, man?

Minerva's into helping people,just like you.

She must've gave youher helper genes as DNA

up in her wombwith your placenta.



Can I rub the dog's tummy,mister?

He's gota cute yellow tummy.

Shoot, kid,you don't even have to ask.

Just scooch right upand get busy.

[ Gasps ]You're a talking dog!

Teesa, Meeka, Gee‐gee,come look!

A talking dog!

Are they gonna helpwith the tummy rub?

[ Kids giggling ]‐Finn, look.

Oh, geez.

I didn't thinkwe would find her do fast.

We can come with youif you'd like.


Finn only.

Hello, young man.

Is there anythingI can help you with?

[ Breathes deeply ] This isgonna sound weird, but...

and I don't mean toput you on the spot.

But, uh...did you...

did you lose...

a son?

Careful, citizens.

Litter can be unattractive,but dangerous, as well.

‐Uh...‐Hello, young man.

Is there anythingI can help you with?

This is going a lot differentthan I pictured it.

Jake:Come on, now.

Are you telling me none of you

has ever seen a talking dogbefore?

That's crazy.

That's even crazierthan the old lady

who lives aloneon that weather island.

[ Laughter ]

[ Laughs ]

No, but seriously,if you think this is impressive,

you should've seen meat the flea circus.

I really stole the show.

[ Laughter ]

[ Chuckles ] Nah, but seriously,

y'all should reallymeet my friend BMO.

‐[ Whispering ] Jake.‐He's a talking calculator.

Now's not the time.

Now there's a friendyou can really...

‐Whoop!‐...count on.

[ Laughter ]


Wow, listen, you guys are great.

I got to get goingand find my friends,

but man, what a great crowd,though, seriously.

One more joke.

[ Cheering ]

That's all I got.

I don't know any more jokes.

[ Crowd "Awwww"s ]

Wait, wait.

I can do other stuffbesides jokes.

Like, um, oh.

[ Inhales deeply ]




‐He's a mutant.‐Is he a mutant?

What? No, no, no.

I'm just a regular dog, see?

[ Pants ]‐[ Gasps ]

‐He's a mutant.‐A mutant!



Finn: I guess this must bepretty shocking.

Oh, are you in shock?

Do you need help?

Man: Minerva!



‐Minerva!‐Minerva, help!

Oh, hey, Minerva.

Finn, I found Miner‐‐

Uh, disregard.

You are creatinga disturbance.

Please help let us help youhelp us to sedate you.

I'm not a mutant.

I'm magic.I think.

Although,now that you men‐‐

[ Groans ]

Stop! He's my brother!

And I'm your suhhh...


What's this?[ Grunts ]

You can't get them off.

I tried a lot already.

I love you, but your mom'sa hundred robo‐clones.

Those thingsaren't my mom.

Maybe they look like my mom

because they did somethingto her, right?

I'm going to get out of hereand I'm going to rescue her,

and I'll hug her,and ‐‐ and ‐‐

I've had weirder fightsthan this.

Where da bones?

Thas muh hand.

[ Whirs ]

[ Click! ]

[ Ding! ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Both gasp ]

[ Horns honking ]


[ Pop! ]


BMO: It's a toy store!

Are you going tobuy me a toy?


Well, maybe.

I have to talkto my friend first.


I made a mistakea long time ago.

My friend got hurt.

I don't know if I'm allowedback in her life.


Where are we going,man?

[ Splashing ]

What is this?

Am I dreaming?

Who are you?

Uh, my name's Finn.Are you my m‐‐

It is you.

Oh my gosh,I can't believe you're alive!

Minerva‐bot, hug my son.

You're beautiful.

[ Laughs ]My boy, baby Finn!

Oh, you're so big.

Last time I saw you,you were 6.875 kilograms,

and now look at you!


I'm sorry, I'm sorry,I'm babbling.

Yes, darling?

What happened to you?

You've been gonefor so long.

When you and Martindisappeared,

I was leftfragile as an eggshell.

Martin is a hider.

He left with our baby.

Dr. Grosswas resolute.

She immediately activatedher most powerful seeker

to bring you back.

But years went by.

You and your fatherwere never coming back.

Dark days grew darker.

I went into myself,and while I retreated,

Dr. Gross's work turnedstrange and dangerous.


Dr. Gross's actionsunwittingly led

to the release ofa terrible virus.

[ Glass shatters ]

It was the mostcatastrophic event

that had happened to our speciesin 300 years.

We tried to consolidate

and quarantine everyoneon Founders Island.

The fatality rate in the generalpopulation grew to 62%.

But the fatality ratein helpers,

those who faced the virus daily,was 100%.

Or nearly.

I was only one helper

and in no conditionto do my job.

[ Coughs ]

I made my decision.

With my brain‐mapuploaded to the Web,

I could behundreds of helpers.

And humanity needed helpabove all else.

Since that day,I have protected

and cared for all my peoplethe best I could.

[ Sniffles ]

But that all doesn'tmatter anymore.

You're back!

And now you can live herein safety.

Oh,but I can't necessarily ‐‐

For the restof your life.