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"Helpers" is the seventh part of the Adventure Time miniseries Islands and the twenty-sixth episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and fifty-first episode overall.[1]


Finn and his friends journey to the last refuge called Founders Island.[1]


Finn, Jake, Kara, and BMO are flying in the transporter on their way to Founders Island. Kara shows Finn his mother's thoughts and a hologram of her. Finn admires these things. They then arrive at Founders Island. Finn looks down at the many humans and is very surprised to see so many. They finally land and Finn looks around at the many humans.

Jake goes around screaming "Minerva." One person (who thinks Jake is a human in a dog costume due to the fact that there are no talking animals on the islands) tells Jake that Minerva is always there to help and that everyone knows that. Then a little girl comes by and asks Finn if she can pet his dog's (Jake's) tummy. Jake responds and says she doesn't have to ask. The little girl is so surprised and excited to see a talking dog. She then calls over her friends to come see "a talking dog."

Kara then sees Minerva. Finn goes over to her and she says to him "Hello young man. Is there anything I can help you with?" Finn then says several things slowly leading up to the question, "Did you lose a son?" Minerva than hesitates and picks up a battery and says, "Careful citizens, litter can be unattractive and dangerous as well." Finn than looks at her and she once again says, "Hello young man. Is there anything I can help you with?" Finn says that this is going a lot different than he pictured it.

Meanwhile, a crowd of humans is surrounding Jake. Jake is surprised that none of them have seen a talking dog before. The crowd enjoys Jake and laugh at the funny things he says. At this time, Kara trips over a battery and falls onto the ground. From a distance, she sees her old friend Frieda for the first time in years. She then runs off to speak to her. Jake tries to wrap it up with the crowd and find his group. One kid than shouts, "one more joke." Jake says he doesn't have any more jokes but he can do other things. Jake than stretches into a rocket ship and makes farting sounds. Many of the citizens begin to freak out in fright thinking Jake is a mutant. Jake than stretches into a regular dog to calm them down. The people are still scared and begin to shout, "Minerva."

At this time Finn is still with Minerva. Finn is talking to her but Minerva is just staring into nowhere and is not responding. Finn starts to think that she is in shock and asks if she needs help. Minerva than hears her name being called and walks over to the crowd. She then walks over to Jake. Jake then says, "Finn I found Minerva." As he is saying this several other people identical to Minerva walk up as well. One of the many Minervas than pulls out a shot and tells Jake to let them sedate him. Jake says he is not mutant and that he's magic but as is tranquilized as he is saying this. Finn than runs up and says, "Stop he's my brother, and I'm your..." and is tranquilized before he finishes.

The scene cuts to a large tower. Inside of it, Finn and Jake appear in some sort of prison. Finn than wakes up saying "...son." Jake says to Finn, "I love you, but your mom is a hundred robo-clones." Finn then tells him that those things are not his mom. Finn says that maybe they look like his mom because they did something to her and that he wants to rescue her.

Right after, several of the Minerva clones walk into the cell. One of them gets a blood sample of Finn and it loads into a machine that confirms that he is "Finn Mertens." At this moment all of the Minerva bots from all over the island are shocked about this. One of them then gets Finn and Jake to follow her (it).

Meanwhile, Kara and BMO saw Frieda walk into a toy store. Kara then looks through the windows and questions if she could be Frieda's friend again after she hurt her years back.

Back in the tower where Finn and Jake are, the Minerva bot is leading them to so sort of screen. Finn than ask the Minerva bot, "what is this?" The Minerva bot points at the screen and then Minerva appears on the screen and ask Finn, "who are you?" Finn introduces himself asks, "are you my mo..." Minerva than cuts him off and says, "it is you." She is so happy that he is actually alive and ask the Minerva bot to hug him. Finn is very weirded out and uncomfortable in this situation. Minerva keeps admiring Finn. Until then, she finally asks "What happened to you."

Then Minerva explains what happened to her. The scene then cuts to flashbacks. After Finn and Martin disappeared, Minerva was very sad and fragile. She then tells Finn that Dr. Gross sent her most powerful seeker (Kara) to bring him back, but years went by and Minerva lost hope of Finn and/or Martin coming back. Dr. Gross then accidentally released a terrible virus. Minerva called it the most catastrophic event that had happened to the human species in 300 years. 62 percent of the population died, but nearly 100 percent of helpers died of the virus. Minerva said that she was in no condition to do her job so she decided to not try to fight the disease and instead upload her brain the web making her now and artificial intelligence so she can be hundreds of helpers and cure the remaining humans on the island. Since that day, she protected all of her people.

After explaining all this Minerva says, "That doesn't matter anymore. You're back and you live here in safety…for the rest of your life."


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Cultural references

  • The Minerva Bots' hand weapons are similar to the Autons in Doctor Who.
  • The Minerva Bots walk through the prison cell force field similar to the Borg from Star Trek.
  • The history of the people of the islands resembles the history helghast from the game Killzone.
  • The policy of people in relation to mutants is similar to the Fourth Reich from Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel Metro 2033.

Episode connections

  • When many of the Humans on Founders Island freak out when Jake uses his stretchy powers they assume he is a mutant. Jake claims he is magic, but does seem to question that. He believed in "The Witch's Garden" that he got his powers from a mud puddle. It was also revealed in "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" that Jake is unaware of his origins.

Storyline analysis

  • Minerva mentions the virus that almost wiped the human race in the islands was the most catastrophic event for humanity in 300 years. This event 300 years ago could be Humans' previous disastrous attempt to leave the islands mentioned in "Hide and Seek."
  • Finn did not tell Minerva that he has met his biological father, Martin, yet Minerva assumes that Finn knows who he is. However, this might be justified, as Minerva had no way to know Martin left Finn after the two disappeared.

Production notes

  • This episode was released for digital download and DVD on January 24, 2017.


  • Hynden Walch is credited for voicing Princess Bubblegum, even though PB didn't appear in the episode, and Walch only provided additional voices.
  • When Finn and Jake are in the prison cell, there are some scenes with Finn's left arm, instead of right one, appearing as the mechanical arm.


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