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This article is about the movie "Heat Signature." You may be looking for the episode.

Heat Signature is a series of pre-war movies, which consists of at least three films. The film's tagline: "UNDER THE OCEAN NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU DIE" seems to suggest that it is a horror film or a thriller/suspense, though the actual genre is unknown, and because Finn has seen this, the tag line might have something to do with Finn's fear of the ocean. Although, being that Finn says "this movie will blow their minds" it is probably more of a thriller than an action movie. The film appears to be a fusion of action horror and suspense. The first film is about a submarine crew who enter an area where they detect the enemy's heat signature but are unable to find their own; suggesting that they may, in fact, be ghosts. In the episode "Heat Signature," a scene of the film is shown before the camera moves away from Marceline's TV (the TV on which the movie is playing) to show Finn and Jake. The movie's audio is lowered so viewers can hear Finn and Jake's dialogue, but in the background noise, what seems to be people screaming and some kind of monster making noises (roaring, snarling, growling, slashing, chewing, etc.) can be heard.


Storyboard image of Heat Signature

Heat Signature has been referenced in two episodes, "Video Makers" and "Heat Signature." In "Video Makers," the third film was set to appear as the movie during Finn and Jake Movie Club, but was canceled due to copyright warnings. In the same episode, Marceline seems to have prior knowledge of the movie, asking "Oh, with the submarine?" In "Heat Signature," which chronologically occurs before "Video Makers," Finn mentions how strange it is that Marceline is 1000 years old and has never seen it. Both this and Marceline's previous comments seem to show that this movie was popular in its day. Finn also seems to like the movie quite a bit, telling Marceline and her friends, who had not yet seen it, "it would blow [their] minds."


The two characters from the film


  • There are humans in the movie, because it was made before the Mushroom War.
    • However, in the commentary of this episode on the Season Two DVDPen Ward states that Heat Signature is actually an animated movie rather than live action.

Cultural references[]

  • The tagline of the movie is a reference to the tagline from the 1979 movie Alien, "In space, no one can hear you scream."

Storyline analysis[]

  • In "Video Makers," at the beginning of the movie Heat Signature 3, the words "Document 413" appear on the screen, suggesting that the warning Finn and Jake read is not the normal warning that appears before a movie starts, but a message stating that it was classified information, and that Heat Signature (or at least what Finn and Jake have mistaken for Heat Signature 3) is not a movie at all, but government security footage of real events that happened before or during the Mushroom War.