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The Head Clown Nurse is the leader of the Clown Nurses in "Another Way." The Clown Nurses are determined to "cure" Finn, so they hold him down and kiss his toes. Finn pleads with them to let him go and has a sudden traumatic hallucination about the nurses. The Head Clown Nurse is the only one that says much, and she is also the one that tries to kiss Finn's feet. At the end of the episode, she kisses the Forest Cyclops' head on the eye because she thought he looked horribly injured. She later reappears in "Jake Suit" with the Big Clown Nurse to "rehabilitate" Finn and Jake after they wind up in the hospital.


The Head Clown Nurse seems to care greatly about helping injured people by kissing them. Jake states that he paid them, but she also worries about the Forest Cyclops' head even though he obviously couldn't pay. She also seems to really enjoy kissing Finn's foot.


The Head Clown Nurse has a golden tooth on the bottom row of her teeth. She has pale yellow skin and red makeup that surrounds her mouth. She has a red clown nose. She has orange hair that comes out on either side of her nurse cap. She wears a white collared shirt and a pink tutu. Her shoes are long and red, like a traditional clown's shoes. Like many of the Clown Nurses, she has eye makeup with four spikes.


Time for our love therapy!

Now now honey, you've got to understand that this is the only way to foo-foo your boo-boo.

Maybe you should leave the medical decisions to the medical professionals, and my professional prescription is... your toe needs crazy smooches! It's the only way!