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"Happy Warrior" is the sixth part of the Adventure Time miniseries Elements and is the seventh episode in the ninth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and fifty-ninth episode overall.


Finn and his friends fight through a more brutal Fire Kingdom to find Flame Princess.[1]


The episode opens to Finn grieving over Jake, who disappeared after the events of "Slime Central." Lumpy Space Princess consoles Finn, saying "he's having much more fun in Slime Princess' body."

Betty goes over to Finn's bag and takes Slime Princess' jewel and places it in The Enchiridion. Only two more jewels are needed, so they decide to go after the fire jewel from Flame Princess.

The cloud arrives over the Fire Kingdom, now heated to a desolate gray and blue. Finn is looking at photos of Jake on his phone, but LSP smacks it out of his hand, sending it tumbling to oblivion. Betty casts a fire shield on Finn. Ice King's ice magic is limited due to the fiery environment, so he sends Gunter in his place. After Finn and Gunter climb down into Fire Kingdom, LSP becomes bored and follows them down.

After reaching the ground, a tiny blue warrior attacks Finn and his friends. Finn dodges the attack and knocks down the attacker, who is revealed to be Wyatt. Declaring himself to be "Fire Wyatt" now, he is ignored by Finn and the others as they take his equipment, but blue flames briefly appear on Finn as he activates the flaming sword.

The group traverses the Fire Kingdom, whose citizens have descended into constant violent conflict. They are confronted by a burning Lady Rainicorn, whom Finn dubs Lady Flamecorn. Finn attempts to tell her about Jake, but she hits him through a tree mid-sentence. Brandishing his fire sword, a furious Finn threatens her with uncharacteristic violence, and fire starts to consume him again. He suppresses his rage and refuses to fight her, prompting LSP and Gunter to attack. They are easily cast aside and Lady encircles them with a tower of flame from her mane. She is repelled by Cinnamon Bun riding Jake 2, who retained his sanity due to his flame shield. Finn requests to be escorted to Flame Princess.

They arrive at the crater remains of the throne room. Cinnamon Bun says he cannot go further, as Flame Princess said hurtful things to him in her anger. Finn says he'll talk to her but converts his sentiment into a threat and again becomes inflamed. Cinnamon Bun halts Finn's rage, declares himself now a loner, and rides off.

Flambo, now a blue humanoid wearing a checkered long sleeve vest with a bowtie and pants, stops the heroes at the entrance. He throws a fireball at Finn, but Finn returns it using the fire sword, detaching Flambo's head. Finn stomps on Flambo's head and again catches fire, this time to a greater extent. Gunter then calls Finn and LSP, pointing down a hole that leads into the inner part of the kingdom.

The hole opens into a cave where some Flame People are fighting. Gunter joins the fray and, crushing two fighters with a mace, begins to exude flames himself. A dragon flies by, and Finn spots Flame Princess' fire jewel in its teeth. Thinking the dragon ate Flame Princess, Finn jumps onto the dragon's tail and climbs to the head. He grabs the jewel, but realises that the dragon is Flame Princess herself. She throws Finn onto the ground and threatens him; in response, Finn draws the fire sword. LSP shouts to Finn, but she is interrupted by arrows hitting her armor. Gunter smashes the attacker repeatedly, becomes consumed fully by the fire and begins to attack LSP himself. Flame Princess pins down Finn and consumes the jewel, snickering maliciously as she swallows. Finn retaliates and slashes at her, backflips upright, and ignites fully before charging at her.

Arrows fly at LSP, and one hits the star charm in her head, pushing it in. She becomes furious and screams to get everyone's attention. LSP berates their violence, mentioning the amiable citizens of Candy Kingdom. Finn suggests killing her, but Flame Princess instead unites the combatants into attacking the "nerds" in the Candy Kingdom.

An enraged Flame Princess bursts out of the ground in a pillar of flame and leads the charge towards the Candy Kingdom. Cinnamon Bun watches in the distance with binoculars, saying this is the end of all things. LSP comes out of the ground and calls for Gunter, Finn, and Wyatt, to no reply.


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  • This episode marks the first time Finn calls Flame Princess by her first name Phoebe.
  • Despite being pictured and mentioned, Jake is absent in this episode since he was assimilated into Slime Princess in the previous episode.
  • Lady Flamecorn's Korean can be transcribed to:
    • 내 분노는 찜질방보다 더 뜨겁다! (My rage is hotter than a sauna)
    • 내 무지게 분노가 널 삼켜버릴거다! (My rainbow fury will consume you)
    • 내 성질 건드리지 마! (Don't get on my nerve)
  • The page of the Enchiridion where the jewels go has a rudimentary drawing of Grob Gob Glob Grod underneath an hourglass.
  • This was the last episode Cinnamon Bun spoke in.

Episode connections[]

  • Betty casts the Flame Shield spell that Flambo previously cast in "Incendium" and "Ignition Point," albeit with a different incantation.
  • The phrase "This is as far as I go," said by Cinnamon Bun, was also used in "The Suitor."
  • Gunter is gaining power and using it to conquer, acting like Orgalorg.

Cultural references[]

  • Nerds are a brand of rock candy.
  • Finn calls FP's jewel a Jujube, which is also a type of candy.
  • When on the clouds, a skeleton is seen holding a large green jewel that resembles a rupee from The Legend of Zelda.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Lumpy Space Princess says she has been to 'all four zones without a scratch,' once again foreshadowing her anti-elemental nature's manifestation.

Production notes[]

  • This is the sixth episode that aired during the eighth "AdventureBomb."
  • This is the sixth episode of the Elements miniseries.
  • This episode was made available for download on iTunes on April 17th.


  • About 7:30 into the episode, when Finn and LSP spot Gunter, Finn does not have his flame shield.
  • When Gunter is sitting inside of Finn's hat, Finn doesn't appear to have any hair. In "Cloudy" Finn was seen putting all his hair on top of his head to fit his hat and this time it seems like he doesn't (and cannot) do that.
  • In different parts of the episode, Gunter is seen missing parts of the armor he had acquired from Wyatt and then getting new armor without any explanation how.


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