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"Hanging Out Forever" is a song Banana Man sings in "We Fixed a Truck" while he, Finn, Jake, and BMO work on fixing the truck. It was written by Andy Ristaino.[1] The original version of the song, titled "Building a Car," had very different lyrics but was changed because it "didn't quite fit the episode."[2]


Fixing a truck with the neighbors,
not a better way to spend some time.
Hoping to see if they like me,
using automotive savvy.
Do a good job they'll give me props,
BAM, I'm asked to come back tomorrow.
A future I see with them and me,
best buds, hanging out forever.
Board game Friday nights.
Best friend pillow fights.

Original lyrics[]

Building a car we're gonna go far,
if we can tune our acts together.
Try it and see, a better life
awaits down the road.
Might disagree from time to time,
but there's a bridge on murky water.
Pieces fit clear when we all work,
towards a common goal.
and we won't stop,
till we make it run.