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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

The Ham-Pire appears in issues #20 and #22 of the Adventure Time comic. It is described as "an expired ham back from the grave," who battles Billy while attempting to take over the Ice Cream Peninsula section of the Grocery Kingdom


It is a spiral-cut ham with a single eye, a mouth full of teeth, a shock of hair coming out of its head, pointed ears, and several patches of greenish mold on it. Two smaller hams make up its hands, along with another ham for its body. It wears a Dracula-style vest and cape, and hovers, having no visible legs.


The Ham-Pire demonstrates great strength, capable of battling Billy in his prime, with powerful "ham-fists" and "ham-clove breath" that temporarily paralyzes the hero. Billy was only able to defeat the Ham-Pire by using a cereal box prize to seize control of the Ham-Pire's "Avacadobots," mechanical beings made of dud avocados.

Though the Ham-Pire is non-canon, Zack Smith (who created the character, and wrote this page), provided some details of its backstory on his website 1. Among the details:

  • It was created when its mold and ham-glaze merged with a faulty batch of Candy Life serum;
  • It must drain the candy life from other beings to survive;
  • It is particularly vulnerable to Wildberry Princess and her people, as they contain no sugar and are crazed for meat;
  • It can be destroyed by a steak through its heart (as opposed to a stake, a typical vampire weakness);
  • It is distinct from a true vampire, though it did once unsuccessfully try to declare itself Vampire King to Marceline;
  • It is NOT related to Mr. Pig;
  • It is NOT the father of Gunter's Kitten, though it and Gunter did date briefly.

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