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Halt is one of the skeletons in the episode "Death in Bloom." When Finn and Jake begin to climb out of the hole they were hiding from the flesh-hungry skeletons in, a nearby skeleton yells "HALT!" Thinking they are spotted, Finn and Jake look over and realize that Halt is a skeleton's name. The skeleton that called to him asks Halt what he is doing. Halt replies, "I'm trying to picture in my mind's eye where the fleshies are hiding." The other skeleton copies him, and tells Halt that he is "a smart guy."


Halt has blue and light-blue bands on his head and arms, which may be athletic headband and wristbands. He looks like a normal humanoid skeleton.


I'm trying to picture, in my mind's eye, where the fleshies are hiding.

—"Death in Bloom"


  • He may be a reference to Halt from the Ranger's Apprentice series, because of his name and the fact that he says he's using his "mind's eye," a common thought in The Ranger's Apprentice.