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The H.M.S Sugar Spit is a sailboat that made its first appearance in the episode "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars," and was operated by Jake and his daughter Charlie to get to the 59th Card Wars Doubles Classic. Although it was not seen in the finished episode, the episode outlines for "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars" reveal that the boat is from Princess Bubblegum's royal fleet, and Jake had placed a deposit to rent it. The sailboat reappears in the Islands mini-series episode "The Invitation," when Princess Bubblegum permits Finn to use her boat to travel to the islands. Her boat is seen again in the mini-series episode that immediately follows, "Whipple the Happy Dragon," and later is destroyed by the eponymous dragon, Whipple, after the crew had offended him. The H.M.S Sugar Spit is briefly seen during a flashback in the Elements mini-series episode "Bespoken For," where Ice King watches Finn, Jake, and Susan leave for the islands.


The H.M.S Sugar Spit is a sailboat - more specifically, a keel-boat - and features a cream Princess Bubblegum figurehead with a pink candy-cane bowsprit. The outsides of the cabin and hull are painted pink, each side of the cabin is fitted with two portholes. The deck of the boat is entirely white and composed of wood. Red and maroon striped rope along with three large peppermint candies individually colored red, blue, or green serve as the fender. The sailboat's mast and boom are striped with beige, most likely to resemble a candy-cane. A small red flag serves as the mast-head, and the mainsail and mizzen are both white.


  • Finn did not need to put down a deposit to use Princess Bubblegum's boat, whereas Jake did.
    • The reasons for this could be that the circumstances for Finn using the sailboat outweighed the need to pay, or that Jake's need to put down a deposit only exists in episode outlines.
  • Barrels of lemons can be seen inside the boat, most likely as a reference to how historical sailors used lemons to fight off scurvy.


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