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"Gut Grinder" is the twenty-sixth episode in the first season of Adventure Time. It's the twenty-sixth episode overall.


When the gold owned by several beings were devoured by a creature called the "Gut Grinder," Finn and Jake set out to discover who the culprit is, while trying to sustain Jake's thoughts that he is the actual Gut Grinder.


The episode begins with Finn trying to look for Jake and stumbling across Jake's viola. After Finn plays it badly, Jake appears and takes his viola back, proclaiming Finn is horrible at playing the viola. A cry for help springs the heroes into action, leading them to the village of the Soft People. When Finn and Jake appear at the village, the Soft People cry out frightened. One soft person cries out, "I'm gonna wee wee!" They appear sad because a creature named the "Gut Grinder" ate their gold, but they did not know what it looks like because they covered their eyes in fright. Jake comes out and explains he is not the Gut Grinder, much to the Soft People's relief. Jake then jokingly states he is the Gut Grinder in order to scare the Soft People for fun. The same Soft Person said "I'm gonna wee wee!" starts wee-weeing by spraying liquid from both of his armpits. Finn then says these soft people are wee-wee weird. He announces he will search for the Gut Grinder and that he swears to justice.

Later, Finn and Jake start to make fun of each other as they travel. They are led by another cry of help to the village of Cube People, where similarly the Gut Grinder has eaten their gold. The Cube People believe Jake is the Gut Grinder, much to his dismay. They tell the Cube People that they are hunting the Gut Grinder and take off again.

Another cry for help alerts the two to the Spiky People's village. Finn was worried that the Spiky People will believe Jake is the Gut Grinder so they attempt to disguise him by putting a pair of "Groucho" glasses on a lump of Jake's fat and hiding his face. After the Spiky People show a picture of a Jake-like creature, Jake begins to shiver in fear and the disguise fails. The Spiky People imprison Jake for his crimes, leading Jake to further believe he is the Gut Grinder. Finn attempts to calm him but to no avail.

Finn then devises a plan to lure the Gut Grinder out into the open using an old prisoner's gold tooth. The plan works and the Gut Grinder appears out of a sewer hole to take the tooth. Jake, convinced he is the Gut Grinder, adopts its persona and breaks out of the jail. Both Gut Grinder and Jake battle, with Jake emerging victorious. Jake then turns on Finn to take the tooth. Jake gets the tooth and starts to leave Finn behind, luckily, Finn remembers Jake's viola and plays it badly, knocking Jake back to his senses.

The Spiky People approach the Gut Grinder's corpse and discover it is actually the Spiky Chief's wife, Sharon, in a costume. She stole the gold because she wanted to go shopping, and used Jake as a disguise because he was "hot" (a running gag throughout the episode). With the mystery solved, the Spiky People give Finn and Jake a hug, ending with the both of them screaming in agony.


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  • Cartoon Network used the close-up shot of Jake when he screams "I'm hot!" as a wallpaper on their website.
  • The back of Jake's viola says "toots."
  • After Jake takes the gold tooth from Finn, a note which fell out of his backpack reads "Do not lose this paper. —PB."
  • When Jake reveals his normal appearance to the Soft People, the pink one says the word "kawaii," which is Japanese for "cute."
  • At the end of the episode, the Adventure Time logo was shown destroyed (see gallery).
  • The Soft People go "wee-wee" through their armpits.
  • This is the final episode that Derek Drymon was executive producer for.
  • The title card displays three people trapped inside the eye of the Gut Grinder screaming.
  • In the Soft Village on the far right, there is a small "A.T." inside a heart carved into a tree.

Episode connections

  • Finn's pack tears open. However in the next episode his backpack is as good as new.
  • The Spiky Village along with the Spiky Mayor and Sharon make a reappearance in "I Am a Sword."

Cultural references

  • The "Groucho" glasses that Jake uses to disguise himself are a novelty item (a plastic nose, mustache, and eyebrows all attached to plastic glasses) modeled after the famous actor Groucho Marx.
  • One of the signs in the Soft Village says "Fluffer Nutter." A Fluffernutter is a sandwich that contains peanut butter and marshmallow creme.


  • In this episode, Finn states that Jake has been his best friend for as long as he can remember, but in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain," Finn talks about himself all alone in the woods as a baby.
  • When Finn plays the viola to release Jake from his Gut Grinder state, he held the viola with his right hand but the next scene showed that he held the bow with his right hand.
  • Though Finn said in "What is Life?" while singing his Never Ending Pie Song that Jake's face is ugly, in this episode he said Jake's face is cute.
  • When Jake walks into the first town the soft person said he was going to wee wee. Then Jake said "Wait, you were going to wee wee if I was the Gut Grinder?" without hearing anything about the Gut Grinder since he got there.
  • Jake's viola only has two strings when it should have four.


This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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