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This article presents an analysis of Gunter's sex and status as an individual.

Analysis of Gunter's sex


In the episode "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," Gunter visits a hospital, where it is revealed that Gunter is pregnant. Later on, Gunter gives birth to Kitten. When questioned by Finn and Jake regarding Gunter's sex, Ice King shows he is not sure about Gunter's sex either, having looked under Gunter's legs after dismissing the possibility of Gunter being female.

Ice King continues to show doubt regarding Gunter's sex, often referring to Gunter with both masculine and feminine pronouns when talking about the penguin in third person (e.g., at the beginning of "Reign of Gunters," Ice King refers to Gunter as "girl" and "sweetie," whereas at the end of the episode, he refers to the penguin with the pronoun "him.").

In the recent episode "Hoots", Gunter enters Finn's dream as a gray bird with a female voice. After tricking the Cosmic Owl into taking them into Princess Bubblegum's dream, Gunter attacks her. Likely due to Gunter's jealousy of Ice King's affection for Princess Bubblegum.

In "Princess Potluck", Lumpy Space Princess tells Gunter to "Get them buns on the dance floor, girl!" Indicating that Gunter is female.


With previous episodes like "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" where Gunter was pregnant, and the recent episode "Hoots" where Gunter's dream persona is female, it's safe to assume that Gunter is female.


Analysis of Gunter's status as an individual


In a tape shown in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I," Ice King is having a birthday party, where he forces two of his penguins. Interestingly, he refers to both of the two penguins as "Gunter."

However, in "Princess Monster Wife," Ice King is seen referring to multiple penguins with variants of the name "Gunter," and only one, specific penguin with the original variant. Also, in "Princess Potluck," Ice King is seen with a female penguin he calls "Gunthalina."

In "Still" the Ice King brings Gunter along and it is shown Gunter likes to break bottles, and in "Reign of Gunters" the same penguin who is mother to the kitten, shows the same trait, so it can be assumed it is the same penguin.

In "Simon & Marcy," the Ice King refers to Marceline as "Gunter" during the final stages of his transformation into the Ice King.

In "Orgalorg," Ice King refers to "his Gunter" as he grabs a penguin from the fridge. This may be one specific penguin that has kept the Gunter name, as shown in "Princess Monster Wife." He is also revealed to have nicknames for this penguin, as he calls him "Gunty." Lumpy Space Princess also screams for Gunter, though it is unknown if this is a different penguin. This penguin has been revealed to be the ancient space demon Orgalorg, so this specific Gunter no longer exists as a penguin.


Since it can be concluded from the facts in the two predicaments that Gunter can be a name for multiple penguins due to after effects of Simon's transformation into the Ice King, and has a contradicting gender, then Gunter must be a name for two or more penguins, and the reason that Ice King confuses the gender of Gunter is because he is unsure of which Gunter he interacts to at a specific time. He may not be sure if the Gunter he is currently interacting to is male or female, or maybe that he interacts with a specific Gunter for a long time and then confuses another Gunter for the same Gunter he interacted with for a long time.

However, the episode "Orgalorg" brings substantial evidence to the table about Gunter being a singular individual. However, this individual penguin has become a space demon, so it no longer exists. Continuity errors with Ice King referring to multiple penguins as Gunter could have been caused by the show's creators not deciding whether or not Ice King calls all his penguins "Gunter." It's hard to tell what is intended here.


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