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Gumdrop Lass 1 is one of the many gumdrop Candy People, and lives in the Candy Kingdom. She is best friends with Gumdrop Lass 2. In "The Enchiridion!," she asks Finn if he has a girlfriend. She also appears in "Susan Strong" dressed as a witch as part of the plan to scare away the Hyooman tribe. She is on the train in "Mystery Train," and appears during the second movie club meeting in "Video Makers." In "Five Short Graybles" she sings the song "These Lumps" for a talent show along with Gumdrop Lass 2, Lollipop Girl, Chocoberry, and a chocolate bar girl.


Gumdrop Lass 1 resembles a pink gumdrop. She wears purple glasses, a small, pink bow, a pink and white skirt, and little pink cowgirl boots.


Official art