The Gumball Guards were an elite police force in the Candy Kingdom. They were created by Princess Bubblegum as a replacement for the Banana Guards and are first seen in a flashback in "Rattleballs." Despite being efficient at stopping crime, Princess Bubblegum believed that the Gumball Guards were too violent and had them destroyed. Rattleballs was able to escape and hide in a junkyard, making him the only living Gumball Guard. However, Rattleballs is seen with two other Gumball Guards in "Jake The Brick," suggesting that he rebuilt some.


The Gumball Guards were red robots with bodies that resembled upside-down gumball machines. They had thin metallic limbs and carried silver sabers at their sides. Their eyes were squinted and had a square hole in the center of their foreheads.


The guards were skilled in swordsmanship and could easily cut through material such as stone. They were also efficient law enforcement, especially when compared to the Banana Guards. Despite their abilities, the Gumball Guards were programmed for violence and often hosted underground fighting competitions. They were also designed to follow Princess Bubblegum's command completely and without question.


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