This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Guardians of Sunshine" from season 2, which aired on February 21, 2011.

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[Finn and Jake are playing Guardians of Sunshine on BMO in the main room of the Tree Fort.]
Finn: Haha! Time to protect the sun!
Jake: Ha ha! Yeah, he knows how to get things started.
Finn: Firepit number 1. Easy-peasy, livin' greasy! You wonder why they even put it there.
Jake: It's probably a computel gleetch.
Finn: [laughs]
Jake: Now comes some real trouble! It's Bouncy Bee! He's gonna get that sun, man!
Finn: Haha! Please. [destroys Bouncy Bee on video game] Bleep!
Jake: [chuckles]
Finn: I had my eyes closed on that one!
Jake: Yeah, that was cool. Oh, oh, you missed a coin, dude, go back!
Finn: I ain't in it for the money, man. I'm in it to crush the enemies of the sun. Like this sloppy butt right here.
Jake: Hunny Bunny!
Finn: I'm like, Hunny Bunny, don't you ever learn? I've always got the bomba! [destroys Hunny Bunny on video game]
Jake: Man, you are hot tonight! Think you can do it this time? Can you beat Sleepy Sam?!
Finn: Oh, I very can!
Jake: Remember: use a combo move!
Finn: Okay! Here goes.
Finn and Jake together: Up, down, left, left, right, right, down-
Jake: Spin, down, up, left, faster, dude! Right, left, down!
[Sleepy Sam eats Finn's character. 'You Lose' is displayed on the screen.]
Finn: Aww! Every time! [throws controller] BMO, this game is the worst! If we were really inside that game, man, we would crush Sleepy Sam. Breezily! With my mitts!
BMO: Oh no! It's much more dangerous than you think!
Finn: Whoa, whoa, wait!
Jake: BMO, is there a way for us to get in the game for real?
BMO: Yes, of course, Jake. [opens compartment on self] If I push this button-
[Jake interrupts BMO by pressing the button repeatedly, and then stops]
BMO: If I push this button, you will both be dangerously transported into my main brain game frame where it is very dangerous!
Finn: Oh, man. Oh, BMO! You gotta let us in that game!
BMO: No! It's a far too dangerous incredible adventure for you! It's final.
Finn: Oh. Okay, BMO. Well, time for bed!
Jake: ...Finn?
Finn: Time for bed. Right, Jake? [Finn gives Jake a look that signifies that he has a plan.]
Jake: ...oh, right! Heh heh. Good night, BMO. [BMO looks at them suspiciously] Time for bed! [Jake chuckles evilly]
[Scene changes into later that night, showing Finn and Jake sneaking back into the main room of their treehouse. Jake slips the blanket off of a sleeping BMO and opens the compartment where the button to transport Finn and Jake is. Finn graps a feather out of his mouth and hands it to Jake. Jake then tickles the button to try to get BMO to slam it. BMO grunts a few times and then slams the red button down, which releases electricity from BMO, transporting Finn and Jake into Guardians of Sunshine. The art style changes into a 3D polygonal look]
Finn: We're in the game!
Jake: Look! There's the sunshine we gotta protect! [points to the sun in the video game] And there's a hole we're supposed to go down! [points to a cave] And there's you...doing whatever you're doing. [points to Finn]
Finn:  I'm looking at my bits! My leg is math!
Jake:  Mmm. That sunshine feels good. Feels good all over!
Finn:  No wonder all the monsters in this game want to get their grubby mitts on it! Let's go kick their digital bootays! [8-bit sounds play] Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo doo! Doo!
Jake: [laughs] Beep boop! Beep boop!
Finn:  ♫ We are in the computer world. We're computer boys, not computer girls. ♫
Jake:  ♫ In a game, I can be who I virtually am. ♫
Finn:  ♫ I can walk and sing, I can kill Silly Sam! ♫
Jake:  [sniffs] Hey, what stinks? [sniffs] Smells like...
Finn:  Pit! [camera shows the pit's width] Looks a mite bigger inside the game...

Jake:  Jumpin' over this pit is easy, remember? We could do this backwards with our eyes closed! [jumps backwards with eyes closed and falls into pit] Ahh! I'm burning!

Finn:  Jake!!
[computer jingle]
Jake:  Haha. What, man?
Finn: Whaa?! Jake, what the shake?
Jake:  Check it out! Extra lives!
Finn:  You still have two left!
Jake:  [laughs and jumps into lava pit] Ow! It burns! Ow! Haha!
Finn:  Jake!
[computer jingle]
Jake:  [sings along with jingle]
Finn:  Dude! What if losing all your lives in here makes you die in real life? Or worse?!
Jake:  ...that makes me just want to sit here and feel bad.
Finn:  No way, man! We're gonna cross that hole! With real-world grit! Come on!
[Off-screen, Finn gets on Jake and Jake transforms into a bigger dog form. We see Jake running toward firepit.]
Finn:  Faster, Jake! Get ready to stretch it!
[They stop right before the pit starts, and Jake stretches his body out above the pit. After a second, they encounter a flame rising out of the pit.]
Finn:  Watch out, Jake! [Jake stretches around the flame. They land on the other side, but not before Jake gets burned on his backside.]
Jake:  Ow! Whew! That was pretty intense, dude!
Finn:  We're pretty intense dudes!
Jake:  Yeah! [High-fives Finn]
Finn:  Ha!
[Whirring sound starts]
Jake:  What's that sound?
Finn:  Sounds like... [both turn around]
Finn and Jake:  Bouncy Bee!
[Bouncy Bee starts chasing them as they run away.]
Jake:  Whoa!
[Scene changes to a new room where Finn grunts while jumping off hands and Jake is beside him.]
Finn:  Hi-yah! [Hand slices through air] Oh! [Kicks air.]
[Jake flexes]
[Both jump as Bouncy Bee flies towards them.]
Finn:  You ready to flippin' this guy up, Jake?
Jake:  Easy-peasy, livin' greasy!
[Both knuckle punch as the show's logo explodes on the screen]
[Scene goes back to Finn and Jake, where Bouncy Bee is drilling a hole into Finn while Jake looks horrified at the scene. Finn screams as Jake helplessly looks on. The computer makes a sound that means Finn has lost a life. Finn fades away.]
Jake:  No! [Jake gasps and runs away from Bouncy Bee.]
[Scene changes to Jake running away from Bouncy Bee in a cave-like surrounding.]
Jake:  Finn's dead! Finn! No! [Jake slows down.] Why? [Jake stops completely] NO!!! Curse this false virtual world! [Jake throws a rock as the computer jingles to signify Finn has respawned inside the game.] Oh, Finn!
Finn: Yo, what up?
[Jake jumps into Finn's arms.]
Jake:  Oh, Finn! You're alive! [Jake hugs Finn's face.]
Finn:  Yeah. I got extra lives, man!
Jake:  Oh my gosh. Let's never die again! There's nothing more precious than a life! Ooh, dude, look. Coins! Oh man, oh man! [Jake jumps off of Finn to go to coins.] Heeheehee! [Jake jumps up to grab a coin.] Ooh! Oh, man, dude, these coins are thick! Let's take 'em back to the real world! We'll be filthy stinkin' rich!
[Both Finn and Jake laugh as Jake grabs all three coins. A monster snarls behind them and they turn around to look.]
Finn:  Whoa!
Finn and Jake:  Hunny Bunny!
[Hunny Bunny shoots a laser at them, which makes them fall back into a pile of coins they've collected. This makes them lose their coins.]
Jake:  No!
Finn:  Time to use the bomba! [Camera shows a pixelated bomb on the top of the screen.] Come to me, bomba. [Finn waits expectantly. Nothing happens.] Bomba! [Camera shows bomba still at the top of the screen.] Oh, bomba! I can't select you without my controller!
[Hunny Bunny growls at Finn.]
Jake:  Let's get outta here, Finn!
Finn:  Man, we've never run away from Hunny Bunny!
[Hunny Bunny shoots laser at them. Scene changes to Finn and Jake walking slowly away in a cave-like surrounding.]
Finn:  Firepit, Bouncy Bee, Hunny Bunny. They're supposed to be the easy parts! They're all hard as butts! Sleepy Sam is gonna be the ultimate butt-kicker!
Jake:  Look, Finn. The most important thing to remember is that I still have one giant coin.
Finn:  Man, get a hold of your brains! We need to stay alert for Sleepy Sam!
Jake:  Hey, that's him right there! [Jake points to a light green blob.]
Finn:  Get down! [Jake and Finn duck down.] What's he doing? He's probably trying to psych me out! [Finn looks at his pixelated hands. He closes them in fists and grunts. He starts crawling over to Sleepy Sam. he starts muttering to himself.] I'm gonna break you, Sam. When I'm done, they'll call you...uh, Stinky Sam. Stupid Frog.
[Camera pans over to Sleepy Sam, who sticks his tongue out. Finn gets up and starts tip-toeing over to Sleepy Sam while raising a fist over himself. The camera looks at Sam for a second. Suddenly, Sam turns around and screams at the viewer, shooting out a spiral of green stuff. Finn screams and is thrown back by the green stuff. He lands by Jake.]
Finn:  [looking at hands] M-m-my mitts didn't- didn't work! Come on, help me punch him!
Jake:  Okay!
[Jake pushes Finn to Sleepy Sam, but Sleepy Sam engulfs Finn before they can do any damage. The computer jingles to signify Finn losing a life. The computer jingles again to signify him returning. Sleepy Sam screams at Jake, which throws him back into Finn's arms.]
Jake:  Let's get outta here, man! We're gonna die!
[Sleepy Sam starts hopping towards Finn and Jake as they run away. They screech to a stop as they confront Hunny Bunny, who shoots lasers at them. They dodge, and keep running. They run all the way back to the firepit, which they jump over. Hunny Bunny and Sleepy Sam jump over as well. Hunny Bunny and Sleepy Sam land on Bouncy Bee, and Finn and Jake land on the edge of the other side of the firepit, which they quickly jump over. They run away from the flying Bouncy Bee with Hunny Bunny and Sleepy Sam on its back.]
Finn:  I can see the light! We're almost there!
[Finn and Jake run towards the light, but hit an invisible force field, knocking them back on the ground.]
Finn:  Oh no, man. It's the edge of the screen! We're trapped and they'll be here any second.
Jake:  Wait, dude! The bomba!
Finn:  We can't get the bomba!
Jake:  Wait, dude. [Jake stretches up to the top of the screen and grabs the bomba.] Hmm.
Finn:  Jake? Jake!
Jake:  What if I...? [Jake reaches to grab the 2D bomba from the top of the screen.]
Finn:  That's not how it works!
[Jake grabs the bomba, which results in the sound of crackling. The word 'ERROR!!' appears on the screen and flashes in different colors.]
Finn:  Jake, let go of that!
Jake:  [still holding on] But we need the bomba!
[Jake grunts as he tries to pull the bomba from the top of the screen. When he pulls it out, green electric current flashes out from where it was. Jake gets knocked back to where Finn is. The electric current revolves around Finn as Finn starts screaming. The electricity pulls him towards the hole.]
Jake:  Finn!
[The electric current moves over to where Jake is and pulls him up too. Jake also starts screaming. It also grabs the coin Jake was carrying.]
[Scene switches to the tree house's main room. It is morning and BMO wakes up with blue electric current shooting out of him. BMO grunts as Finn and Jake are shot out of him.]
Finn:  Oh, holy cow! That was nuts, man!
Jake:  Yeah, man. And I got my coin! [looks at coin] What?! A penny?! [BMO starts grunting.] BMO! [Finn and Jake walk over to where BMO is lying down.] Oh no! Are you alright buddy?
BMO:  [The hole Jake and Finn came out of is start shooting out blue electric current.] Did you have to- oh no! Wait! Run!
[Sleepy Sam starts coming out of the hole in BMO. Finn and Jake start running towards the door. Jake jumps through the window in the door. Finn looks back to see what's happening with BMO for a split second, and then exits through the door. Both of them fall down onto the ground outside. The treehouse starts shaking violently and something bulges out. The tree house breaks open with Sleepy Sam, Hunny Bunny, and Bouncy Bee being thrown out. Hunny Bunny grabs Finn and Jake as they shout. Bouncy Bee starts lowering his stingers.]
Finn:  No, no, no! Don't kill us, man! No!
Jake:  Aw man, don't kill us! We don't have extra lives!
Sleepy Sam:  Oh wait. Hold up, guys. Check it out! Sunshine!
[They all look toward the Sun and enjoy the sunshine. Hunny Bunny flops his head, Bouncy Bee starts licking the sunshine, and Sleepy Sam rubs his face.]
Sleepy Sam:  Oh boy, that feels good!
Hunny Bunny:  Alright! See ya later, Sam! [Hunny Bunny and Bouncy Bee exit.]
Finn: [directed toward Sleepy Sam] You mean, that's it? You're not gonna kill us?
Sleepy Sam:  [chuckles] Of course not. The game's over; we won! All we wanted was the sunshine. And to kill that computer that's been imprisoning us for so many years.
Finn:  ...what?
[Scene switches to treehouse, where Hunny Bunny and Bouncy Bee have BMO in their clutches.]
BMO:  Help! Oh no!
Finn and Jake:  BMO!
Sleepy Sam:  Oh sure. He's dangerous! If he hits his button again, back we go.
Finn:  BMO, quick! Hit your button!
BMO:  I can't, Finn! I'm stuck!
Sleepy Sam:  You want him to hit his button? What's wrong with you?!
[Sleepy Sam starts to wrestle Jake and lick him. Jake struggles to keep him away.]
Jake:  We'll save you, BMO! Finn, go!
BMO:  They're too strong! Use the combo move, Finn! The combo- [Hunny Bunny drenches BMO in honey so he cannot finish his sentence.]
Finn:  The combo move? That never works!
Jake:  Listen! You got this, man! I know you- [Jake is sucked up by Sleepy Sam. He pops out again to finish his sentence.] I know you can do it, buddy! You got this! [Jake is sucked up by Sleepy Sam again.]
Finn:  [concentrating] Okay, okay. You got this, Finn! For your friends! [Finn breathes in heavily. As he says the directions, he moves along with them. He starts to glow a blue-white color.] Up! Down! Left! Left! Right! Right! Down! Spin! Down! Up! Left! Right! Left! Down! Spin! Up! Down! Jump!!
[Scene switches to show Sleepy Sam disappearing in white light and Jake falling onto ground where Sleepy Sam used to be. Scene switches again to show Hunny Bunny and Bouncy Bee disappearing in the white light, which makes BMO fall. Scene switches again to Finn, who is breathing heavily.]
Finn:  Whoa.
Jake:  Woohoo! [Jake jumps into Finn's arm.] You did it, Finn! I knew you had the stuff! Right, BMO?
[Scene shows BMO upside-down on the ground, with steaming pouring out of him as he groans.]
Finn:  Oh, crud!
Jake:  BMO!
[Finn flips BMO over so he is right-side up.]
Finn:  I'm sorry, buddy!
BMO:  Finn, I told you about the danger! And now look! You fricasseed my stuff and broke our house all up!
Finn:  I know, I know. I was double butt. For real. [Scene shows BMO looking annoyed.] Man! Now that we know what to expect, next time will be way more fun!
Jake:  Yeah, yeah!
Finn:  How 'bout it, BMO? You in?
BMO: [BMO starts doing the combo move, which makes him and Jake start glowing.]
Finn:  Hey! Don't do the combo move on us!
Jake:  We were only joking!
Finn:  BMO! Stop messing around!
[Screen shows the words 'GAME OVER' in green over a black screen.]

Episode ends

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