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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the game or the background song.

"Guardians of Sunshine" is the sixteenth episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It's the forty-second episode overall.


Finn and Jake trick BMO into letting them into the video game called Guardians of Sunshine, where they attempt to defeat an unbeatable video game in a 3-D digital environment.


The episode begins with Finn playing a game called Guardians of Sunshine. They complain that the game's enemies and lava pit jumps are too easy. Jake says Finn is on fire and asks if he thinks he can beat an especially difficult enemy called Sleepy Sam. Finn tries to use a combo move to beat him but does not finish the move in time, so the character gets swallowed and spat out and loses the game. Finn and Jake groan and throw the controller across the room telling BMO the game is weak. Finn says that if he were in the game he could easily crush Sleepy Sam with his "mitts." But then BMO tells them the game is much more dangerous than they anticipate. It tells them that if it presses a button in a panel located on its control pad they will be transported into its "Main-Brain-Game-Frame." Finn and Jake beg BMO to let them into the game but it refuses, telling them that it is too dangerous of an adventure. Finn says that it is time for bed and Jake agrees. Later, they get back up while BMO is sleeping and tickle him until he pushes the button. The boys are then transported into the game and see all the things in the actual game.

As they walk through the cave, Jake smells something and they suddenly realize that it is a pit. Seeing its true size, Finn says it looks a mite bigger in the game. However, Jake says they can do it backwards with their eyes closed. As Jake does this he fails and falls into the lava, losing a life in the process. Finn screams Jake's name and he answers from behind. He says that they have extra lives. Finn tells Jake he has two left and Jake jumps into the lava again, losing another life again. As Jake re-materializes, Finn suggests that losing all the lives in the game means dying in the real world - or worse. This makes Jake feel bad, but Finn says they are going to get over the pit with real world grit. They then use Jake's stretchy powers to cross it.

After they get across, they hear sound from behind them and realize it is Bouncy Bee, a boss in the game. They get ready to beat him, then strike the Adventure Time pose, after which it shows Finn getting drilled in the stomach by Bouncy Bee. After taking too much damage, he dies. Horrified, Jake runs away and mopes over Finn's death before he comes back and reminds him about extra lives.

They go through the cave some more to encounter Hunny Bunny, another boss in the game. Finn tries to get the Bomba to destroy him but they can not get it without the controller. Jake suggests that they flee from the battle, but Finn says they never run away from Hunny Bunny. However, after he fires more lasers at the adventurers, Finn is convinced to run away. Finn says that if these bosses are hard, Sleepy Sam must be impossible.

Jake tells Finn Sleepy Sam is ahead of them and Finn attempts to sneak up on him, but he is seen and Sleepy Sam releases a sonic wave. Jake helps him by pushing him against the sonic waves, but Finn ends up getting eaten. With only one life remaining for each, Finn and Jake try to run away but Hunny Bunny fires blasts at the duo. They avoid him and make it over the pit, while Hunny Bunny and Sleepy Sam jump over the pit and land on Bouncy Bee. The adventurers run through the cave and hit the end of the screen and realize they are trapped. However Jake sees the Bomba and Finn remembers they cannot get it. Jake tries to pull the Bomba out of the game interface at the top of the screen and a big "ERROR!" sign comes out. Jake manages to rip it out but opens a hole in the game that sucks Finn and him out. It turns out that removing the Bomba opened up a hole in BMO. Finn and Jake escape just before the monsters come out of a hole in BMO's side.

Sam and his cohorts break a hole through the wall and are about to kill Finn and Jake, but then they notice the sunshine outside. They stop attacking Finn, telling them that all they wanted was to get the sunshine... and to kill BMO for imprisoning them in the game. Finn tells BMO to push its button but it cannot because it is trapped by Hunny Bunny. The monsters realize Finn and Jake are friends of BMO and start to attack them. As Jake is being eaten by Sleepy Sam, BMO tells Finn to use the combo move. Finn successfully performs the combo move and destroys the monsters. BMO then berates Finn and Jake for going in the game and blames them for most of the damage of the house. However, Finn tells it that now he knows what is in store and wants to play the game, to which Jake agrees. Angered, BMO starts to perform the combo move and Finn and Jake tells it that they were only joking. The episode ends with "GAME OVER" appearing on the screen.


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  • The frog character is named Sleepy Sam, but he is referred to repeatedly as "Silly Sam."
  • Jake said they would take the coins to the real world and they would be rich despite the fact that they keep a rather large treasure in their house which would imply they're already rich.
  • When Finn looks at his leg and exclaims "My leg is math!" we see it is made of binary code. When decoded, the stationary code on the second line reads "Finn's Leg" and the other lines read "Hello World!"

Episode connections[]

  • When Jake gets eaten by Sleepy Sam, the song for the title card of "Hug Wolf" plays.

Cultural references[]

  • When Finn is singing his computer song, his eyes start moving up and down and bounce his mouth back and forth. This is a reference to the game Pong.
  • This episode has many sound effects from the Mega Man series.
  • When Jake stretches across the first fire pit, he only uses 90 degree turning angles, similar to the game Snake.
  • The feather Finn takes from his mouth to tickle BMO is a reference to Vurt by Jeff Noon, in which characters access an alternate reality by putting special feathers in their mouths.
  • When Jake reaches up to retrieve the Bomba from the game information-bar and says "What if I...", it may be a reference to Homestuck, specifically when Rose and Gamzee do and say the same thing to retrieve objects from their Sylladices.
  • The premise of entering the digital world originated in the movie Tron.
  • In Spanish and Portuguese, "bomba" means bomb.
  • Bomba may be a reference to the Super Mario Bros. video games. The bomb-type weapon in Super Mario Bros. is called a Bob-omb or Babomb.
    • In addition, when Jake stretches up to reach the item to escape, a sound from the "Mega Man" videogame series can be heard.

Production notes[]

  • This episode uses a monochromatic, pixelated look for not only the title card but also the credits at the start of the episode. This is the first time these credits have been given an episode-specific art style.
  • This is the first time the title card does not include the words "Adventure Time Presents:"
  • This episode is the first time in the show that entire scenes use 3D animation.


  • When Finn and Jake first notice Hunny Bunny (while they are inside the game) Finn is empty-handed and Jake is holding three coins. Two seconds later, when they scream "Hunny Bunny!" Jake is empty-handed and Finn is clutching a single coin.
  • When Finn and Jake are playing the game on BMO's screen, there are two fire pits below the coins and two more right before Sleepy Sam; however, when they are inside of the game these pits do not exist.
  • Jake collects only three coins, but when Hunny Bunny shoots lasers at Finn and Jake, Jake knocks over a pile of at least eight coins.
  • When the pile of coins is knocked over, all are disappearing, and as shown, Jake's coin "points" go down to zero. Although after it lowers, Jake still holds a coin.
  • When Finn and Jake play the game on BMO, the character only has one life. However, when Finn and Jake enter the game, they have a total of three lives each.
  • When Finn plays the game, his character goes down after entering the cave, but when Finn and Jake enter the game, the path to the Fire Pit is straight.
  • As Finn yells "Get ready to stretch it!", Jake's mouth moves as well, but he says nothing. In addition, Finn's mouth only moves for half the duration of his line.



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