This article is about the girl from "James Baxter the Horse." You may be looking for Candy Person 59.

Green Lollipop Girl is a minor character who first appears in the episode "James Baxter the Horse."

In the episode, she drops her ice cream and starts to cry. Finn and Jake see her and try to cheer her up by using James Baxter's methods. However, this just scares her away. When Finn and Jake come back again later, finally understanding James Baxter's methods, she has dropped her drink cup. But this time, Finn and Jake actually cheer her up instead of chasing her away. She is credited as "candy girl."


Like most characters, she has two black dot eyes. She resembles a small green lollipop with dark green legs. Her head is the actual candy part while the white stick protrudes from the top of her head. She wears a large light yellow bow where the stick starts to protrude from her head. The green color is the wrapper, slightly unwrapped at the bottom, letting out her legs and forming a kind of skirt. Right underneath her eyes is small, light grassy green blush. 


Eh, what do you want?! Please, I'm just a very sad girl!

—"James Baxter the Horse"


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