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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Graybles 1000+" from season 6, which aired on May 7, 2015.

This transcript is complete.


Bird: Hello-lable!
Tuber: Cuber? Lable brother? Where are you?
Cuber (Baby): Oh, this cave air is doing wonders for my physiological... Bable, bable, bable, bable, bable...
Cuber (Baby): Oh! [Falling] Aaaaaaah! Oh! But I'm a baby! Tuber? Sister Tuber? Bable, bable, bable...
[Creature growling]
[Footsteps approaching]
[Creature roars]
Cuber (Baby): Aaaaaaah!
Cuber: Hmm? Aah! Oh, you surprised your old pal, Cuber aboard his spaceship. Oh, this old grayble? [chuckles] It's just sentimental blabling. You know, the present can be far more interesting than the past. [walks over to the window] Let's see. Oh! It's a space wedding! Let's go in for a closer look. Easy... [Cuber accidentally flies forward too far, smashing the space bride's helmet and causing her drift into space]
Alien groom: 내 신부를 위해 복수할 기다! (I will revenge for my bride!)
[Lasers fire at Cuber's ship. The alarm starts to sound, and then explodes.]
Cuber: [Grabs bag of graybles while moving toward his escape pod] Wable. Bable, bable. Bable, bable, bable.
[Escape pod launches toward planet and three small hostile ships follow it. Cuber's escape pod crashes, creating a large crater. Cuber gets out of it, climbs out of the crater, and moves away from his pod. The three hostile ships arrive and shoot Cuber's escape pod, which promptly explodes.]
Cuber: Oh! [runs away from crater] Survival! Remember your training. [whimpers, takes out a grayble from bag] Trust your graybles. Oh, and you children at home, don't bother trying to guess tonight's theme. Applesauce to a theme! Your friend Cuber doesn't want to die!
[Graybles begin to play]
[Wind whistling]
BMO: [Watching clouds] Oh, come on.
[whistling continues]
BMO: [Looks down, sees Finn digging a hole] It's Finn. Hey, Finn! I'm a weather vane! Hey, Finn! I'm a weather vane! Hey, Finn! I'm a weather vane! Hey, Finn! I'm a cliff diver!
Finn: What?!
[BMO jumps off treehouse, and Finn catches him.]
Finn: [walking back toward hole in progress] BMO, you got to let me dig this hole. It's important.
BMO: A hole, you say?
Finn: Yeah. We beat this evil wizard, see, and we stole his giant wand.
Jake: [sitting on a reclining beach chair with a magazine over his face] Don't listen to him, BMO. I beat the wizard, so I'm making Finn dig the hole, even though I could do it in like two seconds. Heh, heh, heh.
BMO: Rude!
Finn: This wand is crazy powerful, right? It's a thought cannon. It makes anything that you think of turn real.
BMO: Up, please.
Finn: So it's too strong, so we're burying it for safety.
Jake: I'll tell you what I'd do. I'd use that cannon and imagine a hole.
BMO: Jake, remember what they say about absolutely power.
Jake: I'm tired of your wisdom, BMO! [gets up, walks toward wand] Now watch and learn! Yeah, okay, my name's Jake, and I'm gonna take this magic thought cannon, and I'm gonna think, I want a hole to bury this thought cannon in, and bobble, bobble, Jake gets a hole in which a thought cannon may be buried!
Finn: What if for a split second you think of something else?
Jake: Nope, my brain's my hands!
[thought cannon warbling]
[A sub sandwich has appeared in the hole]
Jake: Whoops! Looks like I was thinking about a sandwich. [muffled] Enjoy your labor! Heh, heh, heh.
Finn: [sighs]
BMO: I used to wish I was you. Now I just wish you would dig faster.
[years in the future, the tree house has grown much taller. Cuber is digging up Finn's hole.]
[dirt scraping]
Cuber: [Grunting while digging] What's this, friends? ["Scrapes the dirt off and pulls the thought cannon from the dirt"] Could it be the aformabled thought cannon? "Bobble, bobble" as the dead might say. That's the power of graybles.
Aliens: [Walking toward hole that Cuber is in] 에잇, 누가던진거야 이거?(Shoot, who threw this thing?)
Cuber: [gasps]
Aliens: 잠깐, 너 방금전...(Wait, you just...)
Cuber: [sighs] I guess here goes bable.
[thought cannon warbling]
[electronic whirring]
[A giant sub sandwich appears and launches Cuber out of the hole]
Cuber: [laughs] You try not to think of a sandwich, and look what happens! A sandwich!
[air rushing]
Cuber: [Lands in a large puddle in a swamp] Ow! Mama's milk! Oh, my mama's milk! Oh, that milk! Graybles!
[Grayble begins.]
Ice King: [snoring in his bed in the Ice Kingdom tower]
[clock ticking]
Alarm clock with a headshot of Princess Bubblegum taped to the minute hand: [high-pitched voice] "I will marry you, Ice King. I will marry you, Ice King. I will marry you—[Ice King pushes alarm clock off table]
Ice King: [yawns] [smacks lips] Good morning, madness. [takes off blanket, sees right leg bent unnaturally] What?! Broken leg again! [sighs] and... [snaps leg back into place] Hup! [pained] Hello! How are you?! Oh! Gunther, did you see how this happened?
[Gunther drops brick.]
Ice King: I love you, Gunther, but I'm on to your business.
[Grayble ends.]
Cuber: Hmm, just like that, huh? And... [snaps leg back into place] Hup! [gurgles, turns white, passes out]
[Fade to black]
[Cuber's dream]
Tuber: You can do it, Cuber.
Cuber: [wakes up, gasps] [inhales sharply, seeing alien ships looking for him] [whimpers]
[electronic whirring]
Cuber: You can do it, Cuber. You can run away. [Crawls into Marceline's cave and sees that the light in her house is on with music playing.] Friend or foe, I doble know. [crawls under porch] Now what? Maybe grayble.
[Grayble begins. Wide shot of Candy Kingdom]
Princess Bubblegum: [using some sort of surveillance program on a laptop in bed] I see that Mr. Cupcake is at Madam Eclair's apartment again. His massage business is really taking off. Hmm.
[clicking, monitor shows one dot moving away]
Starchy: [breathing heavily]
Bubblegum: Starchy?
Starchy: Yes, sir. Starchy is just going for a walk. [breathing heavily] Ooh! A Grass Lard! Oh, look, wildflowers! Psst, psst! Hey! [gurgles, removes tracker tooth]
[clicks, PB's monitor shows Starchy's dot vibrating]
Starchy: [breathing heavily]
[Tooth beeping]
Starchy: Well, I'm just gonna pick these flowers now. [grunts] [looks in grass lard's mouth for place to put tracker tooth] [moaning] No holes.
[beeping continues]
Starchy: Yeah, in the ear. [to tooth] Oh, I mean, in the rear. That's what all the walking's good for -- gives me self-esteem to have a nice rear.
[beeping continues, grass lard wakes up]
Starchy: Aah! Oh! No! Agh! Mercy from the wet eyes!
Grass Lard: [grunting, begins to chase Starchy]
Starchy: Whoa! [whimpers]
Grass Lard: [roaring]
Starchy: Unh!
Grass Lard: [moans]
Bubblegum: Starchy?! Did Starchy just die?
Starchy: [breathing heavily] Hey, hey!
[Grayble ends.]
Cuber: Things looking up. [coughs] Mm. [breathing heavily] [removes tracker tooth from grass pile that was the grass lard]
[Tooth beeping]
Grass Lard: Thank you. [grunts, sighs, begins to flop away] [grunts, sighs]
[beeping continues]
Cuber: S.O.S. -- Save our skin.
[pounding] [aliens approach]
Alien groom: (in alien language) 저놈 저깄다! (There he is!!)
Cuber: [gasps]
Cuber: Aah!
Prize Ball Guardian: Welcome home, Starchy.
Cuber: Never mind! [breathing heavily]
Cuber: [gasps, shouts] [grunts]
[electronic whirring, aliens fire at Cuber]
Cuber: [gasps, deflects laser with prize ball]
Crunchy: [flies out of prize ball] Oh, what time is it?
[aliens fire again, hit Cuber's bag of graybles]
Cuber: Oh! Graybles!
[Prize ball guardian's head explodes, alien ships fly away, then knocked down by shockwave, shatter on ground]
[Graybles rise from burnt plastic bag in wreckage and fly away]
Lady Rainicorn: [in escaping grayble] 떡 많이 먹으면 이렇게 되는거지 뭐~ ("This is what happens when you eat a lot of rice.")
Cuber: [crawls into prize ball] Well, one grayble left. [takes cubic grayble from head]
[Grayble begins.]
[creature growling]
[creature roars]
Baby Cuber: Aah! [gasps] Tuber!
Tuber: Self-actualization, lable brother.
[creature whimpering]
Tuber: You can be a hero, Cuber, and what a cube can be you must be.
Alien groom: (in alien language) 아따, 이 봐야될 거 같은디. (Man, you should see this.) 너 뒤에 있다! (Behind you!)
Cuber: I'm a hero! [knocks out alien with prize ball] Cuber first! [roars, throws alien off ship]
[engine revving as Cuber flies alien ship through Ooo landscape]
[electronic whirring]
[Ice Thing cackling]
Cuber: [in his own burning ship now] Now, wasn't that a thing! We've had laffs and gaffs, thribbles and chibbles, some close calls, secrets and questions, and memories to share. We barely made it out with our scaybles... All thanks to graybles. Sister Tuber? I'm sorry for this mess. I love you.
Tuber: Psh!

Episode ends