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"Graybles 1000+" is the thirty-fifth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and ninety-first episode overall.


Cuber must rely on his bag of Graybles to survive while marooned on a familiar, yet alien world.


The episode opens in the wilderness of a strange, alien world, where a young Tuber is nervously looking for her infant younger brother, Cuber. In a nearby mountain, Cuber has stumbled into a cave and has accidentally slipped down a rocky slope. Crying out for his sister, he is suddenly faced by an approaching feral creature. The sequence suddenly freezes with a shot of young Cuber's frightened face and zooms out to reveal that adult Cuber is actually watching a Grayble of one of his childhood memories in his spaceship.

Addressing the viewers, Cuber explains how the present can be more interesting than the past, and he decides to observe a wedding being ministered in outer space just by his spaceship. However, when Cuber tries to move his spaceship closer he ends up moving too close and accidentally cracks the bride's spacesuit, sending her drifting into space. The angry groom and wedding guests retaliate by attacking Cuber's spaceship. Cuber quickly grabs his bag of Graybles and boards his escape pod, which crashes into Earth, which is in a seeming post-apocalyptic state. Still being accosted by alien ships, he quickly runs from the wreckage and, remembering his training advice to always trust his Graybles, takes a Grayble out of his bag to view it, but not before telling his viewers not to bother trying to guess the night's theme, as right now his priority is staying alive.

In the Grayble, Finn, Jake and BMO are outside the Tree Fort. Finn is busy digging a hole, explaining to BMO that he and Jake defeated a wizard and stole his Thought Cannon Wand, which has the ability to make anything one thinks of real. Jake tries to demonstrate the wand's power by using it to make a hole, but at the last second he thinks of a sandwich and the wand ends up creating a sandwich.

Back in the episode's main timeline, Cuber has reached what used to be the location of the Tree Fort, which is now abandoned and has grown into the clouds. He successfully digs out the Thought Cannon Wand and, hearing approaching enemies, uses it. It generates a giant sandwich, and the force of its uprooting sends Cuber flying into the air. He lands in the relative safety of a shallow pond, but the fall results in him twisting a leg. Cuber then retrieves another Grayble to view.

In the Grayble, the Ice King is seen waking up one morning, annoyed to find his leg twisted. He snaps it back into place and lets out a pained scream. In the corner, the Ice King sees Gunther with a brick, deducing that Gunther used the brick to break his leg in his sleep and warning him that he is "onto his business".

Cuber follows Ice King's procedure to snap his own leg back into place, but the pain causes him to faint. While passed out, he sees a vision of Tuber reassuring him. When he wakes up, night has fallen, and he retreats into a cave, where he comes across a house with its lights on and hears the sounds of someone playing a banjo from within it. Unsure whether its occupant is a friend or a foe, however, he decides not to enter and instead hides underneath the house's porch. He brings out another Grayble to view.

In the Grayble, Princess Bubblegum is on her bed using her laptop, monitoring dots indicating each of the Candy People's tracking devices. She notices Starchy's dot in an isolated area. Starchy is seen out in an open field, where he sees a Grass Lard. He manages to successfully extract the tracking device implanted in one of his teeth, lodging the tooth into the Grass Lard's blowhole. This successfully convinces Bubblegum that Starchy has been eaten by the Lard. Meanwhile, Starchy runs away from the Candy Kingdom into the distance, celebrating his newfound freedom.

Cuber comes across the field and retrieves the tracking device from the Grass Lard's preserved body, and the Lard awakens and thanks him for removing it. Cuber tries to use the device to send an SOS message, and he is soon visited by a giant Prize Ball Guardian, which assumes that he is Starchy. Cuber attempts to flee, but the enemy ships arrive. Cuber is thrust into the air by one of their laser blasts, and he and several of his attackers enter the Guardian's prize slot. They are thrust up a tube transport system and into the Guardian's head. In the process, Cuber's bag of Graybles is shot, creating an explosion that rips a hole in the Guardian's head and causes several attacking ships to crash. Cuber hides in one of the prize balls and views his last remaining Grayble.

The final Grayble is a continuation of Cuber's childhood memory depicted earlier in the episode. A frightened Cuber is frozen in fear, but Tuber suddenly arrives and, telling him that the key is self-actualization, slides him down a rock. Cuber throws the rock at the creature about to attack him, frightening it away. Tuber slides down to him and, giving him an embrace and a kiss, tells him that he can be a hero.

This memory inspires Cuber to attack the alien groom and seize control of the groom's ship to escape Earth. On his escape trip, he zooms past several landmarks of the former Land of Ooo, including the field in the outskirts of the former Candy Kingdom, Marceline's cave, the former Tree Fort, and finally the Ice Kingdom, where a brief glimpse of a deranged, flying ice creature is seen.

Cuber is shown to have safely made it back to his spaceship, where he lectures his viewers on the power of Graybles. He then makes a quick visit to Tuber, who is relaxing in another room in the ship, and apologizes for the mess and tells her that he loves her.


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  • This episode reveals that the time Cuber lives in is much farther in the future than the current timeline of Adventure Time, and that he comes from a planet outside of Earth.
  • This episode's Cuber segments, like the end of "Lemonhope Part 2", give a glimpse of what has become of the Land of Ooo and many of the landmarks of the show's current timeline a thousand years into the future, depicting a largely abandoned, dystopian Earth.
  • In a scene from one of Cuber's Graybles, Jake picks up the Thought Cannon Wand and says "Bobble Bobble." When Cuber later digs up the wand, he states "Bobble Bobble, as the dead might say." This suggests that Jake, and therefore perhaps Finn, is long dead in Cuber's time, something unsurprising given the episode's setting in the distant future.
  • Marceline is likely still alive in the future, as Cuber finds himself hiding under her house, which is largely intact and appears to be occupied, as the lights are on and someone is heard playing music inside.
    • This house being Marceline's is established by its cave location and the appearance of several features which match her house in the present timeline, including the amount of floors, the drapes, and a support beam where her basketball basket would normally be placed.
    • Additionally, several notable differences between Marceline's house in the current Adventure Time timeline and the future Marceline's house depicted in the episode are observable:
      • The house's back porch, normally empty, is now filled with various furniture and items from Finn and Jake's Tree Fort, most prominently the bathysphere which hangs from one of the fort's branches.
      • The basketball hoop and backboard have been disassembled.
      • The water levels of the lagoon surrounding the porch have risen to the point that they reach the entrance to the cave and Marceline's front garden is gone. The house appears to have been slightly modified to adapt to the rising water levels; the window on the front door has been replaced with a porthole, lobster traps are visible on the porch, and in place of the garden is a single wooden pole tethered to the house. The window on the side door has also been replaced by a porthole window, though this one also appears to have an extra candy-shaped decoration of sorts.
      • Pink awnings have been put up over the windows.
      • The house is furnished with Christmas lights, and an owl statue and a fish weather vane are seen on the roofs.
        • "Come Along With Me" reveals that while the house is indeed occupied, it is not Marceline who lives there. Shermy and Beth have taken up residence.
  • The Ice Thing is seen in the destroyed Ice Kingdom. It possesses traits associated with the Ice King's crown's transformation of its wearers although the crown itself is not seen. It has two of the three original gems from the crown attached to its body, an empty diamond hole appearing where the left gem would presumably go. This is the same location of the gem used to restore Ooo in Skyhooks II and is established as loosely fitting in the crown.
  • A new form of a Gumball Guardian, known as the Prize Ball Guardian, is seen and it seems to now be part of a mobile Candy Kingdom, likely created due to the kingdom's abandonment as seen in "Lemonhope Part 2." In the Guardian, Candy People from the current time period of Adventure Time are seen, suggesting that the event that led to their placement into it maybe sometime fairly soon and that the prize balls they are held in provide some sort of suspended animation
  • When Cuber and the aliens are being transported up the tube transport system inside the Prize Ball Guardian, they briefly pass by a furnished living room, though its occupant is not shown. A picture of the former Candy Kingdom can be seen on the left wall of the room.
  • A grave for Starchy can be seen near the Grass Lard in the future and in one of the storyboards, on it is inscribed: "In memorium of Starchy 1, eaten by a Grass Lard. He loved to walk." This implies that Princess Bubblegum made a clone of Starchy and that the Starchy that had appeared in later episodes after "Jake The Brick" might have been his clone.
  • The aliens speak Korean, but for some reason they use a dialect.
    • One of the alien says "내 신부를 위해 복수할기다!" which is a dialect in Gyeongsang Province of Korea (경상도). When translated, it means "I shall revenge you for my wife!"
  • In the beginning and ending Grayble, when Cuber was a baby, the monster he faces wears something very similar to Finn’s hat.
  • In the second Promo image for this episode, the Pup Kingdom, the future Hot Dog Kingdom, and a Prize Ball Guardian can be seen.

Episode connections[]

  • This is the fourth Graybles episode. This followed a streak of at least one Graybles episode every season since season 4 starting with season 4's "Five Short Graybles" and season 5's "Five More Short Graybles" and "Another Five More Short Graybles", and later on, season 7's "Five Short Tables."
    • However this later stopped when the final seasons were restructured and "Five Short Tables" became part of season 8. This left season 7 and later seasons 9 and 10 with no Graybles episodes.
  • This is Cuber's fourth appearance overall in the show.
  • Cuber is seen far in the future at Finn and Jake's Tree Fort, which looks extremely similar to how it did in "Lemonhope Part 2."
  • Jake wishing for sandwiches was shown before in "The Limit" and "Jake the Dog."
  • In the hole Cuber digs up to find the Thought Cannon Wand, the golden bone from "Ocarina" can be seen.
  • A banjo is heard being played from within Marceline's house when Cuber comes across the house looking for a place to hide. Marceline has previously been shown to be proficient in playing the banjo in "Daddy's Little Monster."
    • However in the series finale "Come Along With Me" it is revealed that Shermy and Beth have taken residence in Marceline's house in the future, implying that one of them had learned to play the banjo in a way nearly identical to Marceline.
  • Princess Bubblegum is seen spying on the candy people in this episode, which could mean she reverted back to her old ways after the events of "The Cooler" and "The Pajama War."
    • However, she is seen wearing the same t-shirt she wore in "Jake The Brick," implying that the events about her and Starchy might have taken place in the same episode.
  • The eerie music that plays when Cuber's ship crashes on Earth sounds very similar to the music played at one point in "Another Five More Short Graybles"–specifically, in the scene with the Lemongrabs, when Lemongrab 2 turns around and sees Lemongrab making Lemon-Sweets dance after having put him to bed.

Cultural references[]

  • The Thought Cannon Wand could be a reference to the Point of View Gun from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005 movie). The devices are very similar in shape, and although they function differently, the idea of a thought-based weapon is common to both.

Storyline analysis[]

  • The theme of this episode's set of Graybles is Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The first Grayble is physiological, the second is safety, the third is love, the fourth is self-esteem, and the fifth is self-actualization.
    • Like the previous Graybles episode, each Grayble verbally references the theme. Baby Cuber mentions that "the cave air is doing wonders for [his] physiological bable-bable," Finn buries the thought cannon for safety, Ice King says that he loves Gunter, Starchy mentions that walking gives him self-esteem, and Tuber says "self-actualization, lable-brother" after scaring off the beast in the cave.
  • This episode potentially explains the motivation behind Starchy's expositional manner of speaking, as in "Yeah, in the ear. [to tooth] Oh, I mean, in the rear. That's what all the walking's good for -- gives me self-esteem to have a nice rear." As far back as the first episode of season 1, Starchy breaks the fourth wall by overly narrating his actions, e.g. "I'll just wait for you here, then. By the mausoleum. With my back turned. And my defenses lowered." Perhaps this narration has been a long-considered ploy contrived for the sake of freeing himself from the implant and escaping the Candy Kingdom. This interpretation fits with Starchy's role as a conspiracy theorist, as referenced by the episodes: We Fixed a Truck, NemesisBlank-Eyed Girl, and High Strangeness.


  • After Cuber returns to his spaceship, pictures of the events that had taken place in his Graybles are shown. In one of the pictures, Princess Bubblegum is shown looking at her laptop like how she was in the episode, but was wearing her regular outfit instead of her t-shirt.
  • Tuber is seen in the first and last picture in the spaceship, but his outfit is changed to red.



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