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A grayble is a short video of a point in time, commonly featuring a moral. This device is seen in the episodes "Five Short Graybles," "Five More Short Graybles," "Another Five More Short Graybles," "Five Short Tables", and "Graybles 1000+." Graybles commonly feature the main characters of Adventure Time doing things that relate to each other in some way. These stories generally have a moral of sorts, though not always.

Cuber is the only known character to use these devices, though others may as well. The physical device known as a "grayble" has a few different geometrical forms (e.g. trigonal pyramidal, cuboidal), although it is speculated to be an "immaterial" form of energy.

The season six shorts could be considered a separate type of grayble called a "Grayble Allsorts."[1] However, it is unknown if this is canon or not.


  • It is revealed in "Graybles 1000+" that the grayble levitating on top of Cuber's hat contains his own life story where he is rescued from a "rabid dog" by his sister Tuber.