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The Gray Alien Ship is an alien vehicle operated by the Grays. It was first seen in the episode "High Strangeness". It later made a cameo in the Distant Lands episode, "BMO".



Outside, the ship appears to be six/seven large glowing lights. The center of the ship is not visible unless it activates its abduction beam, with causes it to emit a blue light.



Inside of the ship appears to be empty space with a tan interior. It is covered in mushrooms that are used to operate the ship. There is also a red curtain-like object inside of it.


The ship has the ability to travel through space, being able to reach far away planets in other galaxies in a matter of years. The ship is operated by mushroom-like appendages that grow out of the walls of the ship. There is no gravity inside of the ship, allowing its passengers to float inside of it.

Ship teleport alien abduction

The ship has two ways of transporting passengers from Earth to the ship. The first was shown at the beginning of the episode, which is by creating a wall of blue light that when walked through will allow the passenger on Earth to end up on the ship. The second method is to activate an abduction beam that beams them up onto the ship.

The ship can make its interior walls transparent when needed to, as seen when the Candy Probes pod crashed into it.

In the episode "BMO", it was revealed that it can bio-engineer beings to appear differently, as seen with Hugo and his crew.



This episode is of high "metaphorical significance" (red/blue lens thing)