The Grass Bear was one of the grass monsters Finn and Jake had to fight to reach the Grassy Wizard's house at the top of a grassy mountain so they could return Finn's Grass Sword. When they first see the beast, it comes out of the ground and spits at them. Finn eventually carves his head out of the monster's leg, then flicks his sword, causing it to spin very fast. The Grass Bear then falls on them dead, but Finn's sword cuts a huge hole out of the side of it.


The Grass Bear is a huge grass monster with six arms and two legs. It appears to have eyes, but it never opens them in the episode. It has a small, strange mouth that can flip open, revealing nine razor-sharp teeth. The Grass Bear can also spit large balls of saliva. Like all the other grass monsters, it is made out of grass and is defeated easily. It is likely based on the real-life tardigrade.


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