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Grand Prix is Jake's long time rival in the board game Card Wars. He makes his first appearance in "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars," and is seen participating in the 59th Card Wars Doubles Classic, presumably to defend his title as the reigning champion. He is married to a former girlfriend of Jake's, Moniker, with whom he also runs a screen-printing business. He appears to have a friendly attitude towards Jake, though Jake's competitive nature with Card Wars causes him to view Grand Prix as a major rival.


Grand Prix is a large white feline with gray hair. He wears thick rectangular glasses with teal lenses. Although a cat, he walks upright. He is roughly the height of Princess Bubblegum and same size as Beth.


  • Grand Prix may have known Jake since his youth, because he attended a Card Wars Academy with him.
  • He married one of Jake's former girlfriends, Moniker.
  • He may be the reason why Jake dislikes cats.[1]


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