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2021 Music Hole Award Winner
GoldenMusic.png This article is a winner of the 2021 Music Hole Awards. It won for the following category: Best Season 5+6 Song. It was also nominated for the category, "Best Duet," but it didn't win.

"Good Little Girl" is a song sung by Marshall Lee, Fionna, and Cake in the episode "Bad Little Boy." This is the last song Rebecca Sugar wrote for Adventure Time before leaving the show to work on Steven Universe.


Marshall Lee: Good little girl,
Always picking a fight with me.
You know that I'm bad,
But you're spending the night with me.
What... do you want... from my world?
You're a good little girl.
Fionna: Bad little boy.
That's what you're acting like.
I really don't buy
That you're that kind of guy.
And... if you are...
Why do you want to hang out with me?
Marshall Lee: Don't you know I'm a villain?
Every night, I'm out killing
Sending everyone running like children?
I know why you're mad at me.
I got demon eyes... and they're looking right through your anatomy,
Into your deepest fears.
Baby, I'm not from here,
I'm from the Nightosphere. To me, you're clear... transparent.
You've got a thing for me, girl. It's apparent.
Cake: Oh oh, I got a hot potato
And I got two hot tomatoes.
Well, they'll make a good sauce maybe,
So I'll shake my bottle, baby.
I'll shake it and shake it
And shake it and shake it
And shake it all over the table... on the table
For as long as I am able.
La da da da da,
Da da da da da da da da da da,
Da da da da da da.


The lyrics with ukulele chords to the song are as follows:

Picking pattern is 21T 3T3

CMaj7 Good little


D7 always picking a
G7 fight with me
CMaj7 You know that I'm 
Am bad, 
D7 but you're spending the
G7 night with me
C What do you
E7 want from my
Bb7 world? You're a
Am7 good little
Dm7 girl
CMaj7 Bad little


D7 that's what you're 

acting like

CMaj7 I really don't 
Am buy
D7 that you're that kind of
G7 guy
C And
E7 If you are
Bb7 Why do you
Am7 want to hang
Dm7 out with me
CMaj7 Don't you know I'm a 
Am villain? Every 
D7 night, I'm out killin', sending
G7 everyone running like
CMaj7 children? I know why you're 
Am mad at me. I got 
D7 demon eyes... and they're 
G7 lookin' right through your
C anatomy, into your
Am deepest fears. Baby, I'm
D7 not from here, I'm from the
G7 Nightosphere. To me, you're
C clear, trans- 
A7 parent. You got a 
D7 thing for me girl,
G7 It's apparent.


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