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"Goliad" is the tenth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It's the eighty-eighth episode overall.


Princess Bubblegum is concerned over her mortality, and reveals her designated successor to Finn and Jake. However, things get out of control when the heir turns against Princess Bubblegum.


While Finn and Jake are doing activities near the Candy Kingdom, Peppermint Butler informs them that Princess Bubblegum wants to see them. The princess explains that after her brush with death at the hands of the Lich, she realized she cannot live forever, so she used science and some of her DNA to create an heir that could live forever. The heir is Goliad, a pink Sphinx with a mound on her forehead and the voice of a young British child. Finn and Jake introduce themselves to Goliad, who takes a liking to them. After Princess Bubblegum plucks one of Finn's hairs, he notices that she is extremely exhausted. She explains that she has been awake for 83 hours straight, teaching Goliad about being a good ruler. Finn and Jake volunteer to look after Goliad while the princess rests, and she agrees.

The two friends take the curious sphinx to a preschool, where Finn builds an obstacle course. Jake introduces her to the other children, but is dismayed to find that they are extremely unruly and poorly behaved. Jake is forced to yell at the children to make them stop assaulting him. Later Goliad imitates Jake's harsh discipline, yelling at the children in an attempt at being a leader. Finn rebukes Goliad, and suggests that she use her brain to lead instead of force. Goliad reveals that her mound concealed a third eye, and proceeds to psychically control Finn and the obstacles in the course for a perfect completion. She explains that with her in control, everything would be perfect. Worried about Goliad's behavior, Finn and Jake take her to the princess for help.

Princess Bubblegum tries to teach Goliad that compromise is the best way to rule, citing how a bee and a flower help each other. Goliad counters by explaining that the bee does not care if it hurts or kills the flower because the flower is weaker. Goliad states that she is the strongest so she is in control. Princess Bubblegum thinks to herself that her creation has been corrupted and would need to be disassembled and started from scratch, but Goliad reveals she can read minds and begins to destroy the castle. Princess Bubblegum tells Finn and Jake that Goliad is too powerful to be defeated by them. She instructs them to distract Goliad long enough to create another Candy Sphinx to fight back, and that they need to not think about the plan or Goliad will find out.

Finn and Jake confront Goliad but are defeated by his psychic powers. Goliad attempts to read Finn's mind, and Finn narrowly avoids revealing the plan by interrupting his memories with nonsense. The new creature; another sphinx with the head of an eagle, white feathers and golden hair; rescue Finn and fight Goliad. Goliad tries to convince his brother, named Stormo, that they should work together, but Stormo screeches away. They engage in a psychic showdown, but with their powers matched, the two creatures become eternally trapped in a mental stalemate. Princess Bubblegum tells Finn that Stormo was created using DNA from the hair she took earlier and therefore inherited Finn's heroic qualities. That's why he saved Finn instead of controlling them, and that's why he sacrificed himself to keep Goliad under control for all eternity. Finn realizes that Stormo is like a son to him and, as Bubblegum confirms in a way. With a heart full of sadness that he will never be able to know him properly, he wishes Stormo a happy birthday.


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  • On Princess Bubblegum's chalkboard, she has drawn something similar to carbon trioxide, but it is in an impossible oxidation state.
  • Princess Bubblegum did not wear her royal crown for the entire episode. However, it was seen on her in Finn's mind when Goliad was trying to read it..
  • This is the first time Princess Bubblegum wears glasses.
  • When Finn and Jake enter the preschool, one of the Candy Kids harassing the caretaker is waving a toy truck with おいしい [oishii], which is the Japanese word for "delicious," written on it.
  • In the fight between Finn's mind and Goliad, Princess Bubblegum says, "She's far too powerful," although she did not say that in talking about the plan when Goliad stormed into the castle.
  • The candy people Jake spit up at the end are Chet, a marshmallow kid, and Peppermint Butler. They are not seen anywhere near the candy tower after Jake spits them up; this could be an error or they just fell down which could have probably killed them or leave them seriously injured.
  • Goliad's fur is the same color as Princess Bubblegum's hair and skin color, while Stormo has blonde hair like Finn.
  • In the lab where Goliad is introduced, there is a poster on the wall with a similar layout to the periodic table, but it is labeled "Fructology," likely a reference to the simple sugar, fructose.
  • Among the candy kids there is one that bears resemblance to Peppermint Butler, although his eyes are black instead of white as Peppermint's are and his arms and legs are white unlike Peppermint's that are red.
  • This is the first time Jake exploded in rage.
  • When Princess Bubblegum takes a piece of hair off of Finn's head, she is wearing her lab coat. However, when she remembers this event later in the episode, she is seen without the coat.
    • This is most likely because she hadn't slept in days.

Episode connections[]

  • Princess Bubblegum refers to the events of "Mortal Folly" and "Mortal Recoil" in this episode when she talks about her close call with death.
  • When Finn tries to block Goliad out of reading his mind, he distracts himself by remembering baby Finn singing the Baby Finn Song from "Memory of a Memory."
  • In "Princess Cookie," both Goliad and Stormo are shown as a cameo.

Cultural references[]

  • "Goliad" is the name of a town in Texas where the second battle of the Texas Revolution took place. Tom Herpich thought the town had a cool-sounding name, and he decided to name the character after it.[1]
  • Both Goliad and Stormo resemble sphinxes, creatures that in legend possess attributes of three creatures: the human, the lion and a large bird. While Goliad and Stormo both have lion-like bodies, the bird and humanoid features vary between them.
  • The stalemate between Goliad and Stormo resembles the mythology of Lost. The concept of two deities in an eternal stalemate is also found in various religions. This is one of Adventure Time's many hints towards mysticism.


  • When Princess Bubblegum was recalling the event of taking Finn's strand of hair, she was dressed in her night gown instead of lab coat.
    • Finn also makes a slight move when PB took a strand of his hair even though he did not in the last scene.
  • Princess Bubblegum's hair tie changes colors from blue to pink.
  • There was no orifice on Stormo's forehead, but when the psychic battle starts the orifice appears.
    • In addition, Goliad's orifice disappears when she is watching the candy preschoolers climb up Jake's body while trying to get into his brain.
  • When Goliad was mind controlling several candy people, some of them appear repeatedly.
  • On the August 1, 2012 airing, it ended with the credits from another Cartoon Network show MAD.
  • There are various continuity errors regarding the cubbyholes and the things inside them during the time Jake and Goliad stay inside the preschool.
  • When Jake is yelling at the candy kids a table, a drawing board, and a board that were in there disappear.
  • Jake and Goliad leave the door of the preschool open but later it is seen closed, then open again.
  • When Jake and Goliad first enter the preschool there were three papers on the board that was next to a table, later only two are seen.
  • There was not a clock above the door of the preschool when Jake and Goliad first enter.
  • When Princess Bubblegum is guiding Finn and Jake to her underground laboratory her lab coat is dirty, later it is seen clean. Also, the right sleeve had some extra button that disappeared.
  • When Princess Bubblegum first is seen walking down the stairs to get to the laboratory the dress she was wearing covered her feet but in a later scene it was shorter and showed her bare feet.
  • The hole Goliad makes on the castle wall changes shape when Finn and Jake get there.
  • When Princess Bubblegum was about to sleep, she was sleeping in her chair, but later on, she was sleeping on her bed.



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