Goblins are a race of creatures that exist in the Land of Ooo.

A few goblins appeared in early episodes such as the Short Goblin in "City of Thieves" and the Goblin King in "Dungeon." In the episode "The Eyes," Finn and Jake help Peppermint Butler deal with a Dead Goblin he claimed to have found.

An entire kingdom of goblins appears in "The Silent King," where they are led by the evil Xergiok until Finn deposes him. A wide variety of goblins appear in the episode; they have skin colors ranging from green to yellow, and they inhabit a fortified town with a castle. Goblins are apparently born in the royal birthing pits.

In the episode "Hot to the Touch," Flame Princess attacked the Goblin Kingdom by burning it, which caused all the goblins to panic. No goblins were killed in the attack, although it can be inferred that many were injured.

In "The Great Bird Man," Xergiok attempts to become the ruler of the Goblin Kingdom again but fails.

In the episode "Astral Plane," one bounces around inside Bounce House Princess.

Notable Goblins


  • Goblin King (King in "Dungeon")
  • Xergiok (Former king in "The Silent King")
  • Finn and Jake (During "The Silent King")
  • Whisper Dan (Currently)


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