The goblin thieves are several goblins who first appear in "City of Thieves." They live in the City of Thieves. Despite their name, they look nothing like the goblins who live in the Goblin Kingdom. Goblin Thief #1 steals Penny's flower basket from Phil, after which it works its way from goblins 2-10 until it is gone. Each thief steals the basket from the previous thief except for Goblin Thief #6, who merely distracts Goblin Thief #5 long enough for Goblin Thief #7 to steal it from him.


  • Goblin Thief #1 wears a hat similar to Wizard Thief's. The only difference is that Wizard Thief's hat has no decorations on the back, as seen when he casts a spell at the Cyclops (though this discrepancy is likely an unintentional error).
  • Goblin Thief #2 is one of the Little People in "All the Little People." He also appears in the original storyboard of "His Hero."[1]
  • Goblin Thief #9 appears to be the only female goblin thief.



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