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The Goblin Kingdom is the home of the Goblins of the Land of Ooo. The kingdom is currently under the rule of Whisper Dan.

Episode appearances

The kingdom is first introduced in "The Silent King," where Finn becomes its ruler after he deposes Xergiok, the previous king. Finn quickly becomes disillusioned with his reign when he realized as king he was not allowed to do anything. The former ruler attempts to reclaim the kingdom with an Earclops army. However, he is defeated when Finn and Jake incapacitates the army with loud yelling and percussive clapping. Finn and Jake later sneak out of the kingdom after leaving Whisper Dan as the leader.

In "Hot to the Touch," the kingdom is a target of Flame Princess's wrath when she threatens to transform her surroundings into her personal Fire Kingdom.

In "The Great Bird Man," Xergiok gets his eyes back and then returns to the kingdom with the will to rule it again. He does not even get to enter the kingdom, as his birds flee as a result of his madness. The return of Xergiok is only witnessed by two goblins and does not seem to cause any problem within the kingdom, which is still being ruled by Whisper Dan.


The Goblin Kingdom's most prominent feature is its aqua blue walls and towers that make up most of the city. It also contains several small brown buildings that house the residents of the kingdom. Many structures in the city are curved and decorated with a variety of embroidery.

Goblin Palace

The palace is the central structure in the Goblin Kingdom. It includes the throne room, the Goblin birthing pits, the Dragon stables, the Garden of the Living Fountains, the Royal Game Archive, and other rooms. There seem to be many animals roaming in the Goblin Palace, especially in the Royal Bedroom where they act as pillows or blankets for the King and Queen.