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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Go With Me" from season 2, which aired on March 28, 2011.

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[The episode begins with Finn and Jake having a picnic and watching the sunset.]
Jake: Hey, man, it's Couples Only Movie Night tonight. Who are you bringin'?
Finn: I don't know. Who are you bringin'?
Jake: I'm bringing my girlfriend, dude.
Finn: Oh.
[A duck walks up to them and Finn picks it up.]
Finn: I'll take this duck!
Jake: It's couples night! You gotta bring someone you can smooch.
Finn: Man, I don't want to be smooched!
Jake: Don't have to smooch. You just have to bring someone you can smooch. It's, like, the rules.
Finn: Lame. [Attempts to kiss duck, but it flies away.] Ah! Well, I'll take this blanket! [Kisses blanket.]
Jake: Put the blanket down. [Pats the ground beside him.] Have a seat. I want to explain some "things" to you about couples.
[Later that day, Finn and Jake are back at the treehouse. Finn is looking for someone to call.]
Jake: You all square?
Finn: Yeah, yeah.
Jake: Who you gonna call?
Finn: I'm going to call a girl I don't have to kiss. [Calls Princess Bubblegum.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Whistling as she answers the phone.] Hello?
Finn: Hi Princess! Would you go to Couples Movie Night with me?
Princess Bubblegum: Sounds romantic, Finn.
Finn: No! I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me. [Begins to blush.]
Princess Bubblegum: No, sorry, Finn. I'm busy practicing for the Whistling Choir Death Match Championship.
Finn: But—
Princess Bubblegum: Auf Wiedersehen! ("Goodbye")
[Hangs up phone and begins to practice her whistling.]
Finn: She doesn't want to go!
Jake: Yes she does! We just need to help her realize that she wants to go to the movies with you. [Takes out cell phone.] I'm calling Marceline.
Finn: What?
Jake: [Begins to call Marceline.] Look, man, I've been learning a lot about vampires lately. I realized my fear was based on ignorance!
[Marceline answers her phone, half of the screen Jake and half the screen of Marceline.]
Marceline: Speak.
Jake: Hey, hey, Marceline. Got a favor to ask, Babe. We've gotta make Princess Bubblegum jealous, so she'll go to the movies with Finn. [Marceline sneaks out from a pile of dirty clothes behind Jake and begins to approach him.] Marceline? Come in. Hello? [Marceline hisses loudly behind him, making Jake scream loudly.]
Finn: Hehe. Are you gonna help us?
Marceline: Yeah, I'll help. It'll be funny.
[Now at the Candy Kingdom.]
Jake: Okay, so here's the plan. [Points at Finn] You start saying things and [Points at Marceline] you start laughing waaay loud. And then Bubblegum... [Camera pans up to Princess Bubblegum through the window above them.] will get jealous of you [Points at Marceline]. Which will awaken her Finn love! You start us off.
Finn: Um... hmm funny... funny... giddy up?
[Marceline bursts out laughing.]
Finn: Hehe. Um... diggy diggy?
[Marceline laughs even more, very exaggerated.]
Finn: Diggy diggy! [Claps hands.] Diggy diggy!
[Princess Bubblegum appears at window and clears throat.]
Princess Bubblegum: Greetings, Finn. [Unamused tone.] Hey, Marceline...
Marceline: [Waves, amused tone] Hello, Bonnibel.
Princess Bubblegum: [Still umamused] Yeah, yeah. So, what's so funny, Finn?
Finn: I, um... uh... it's... something.
Princess Bubblegum: Well, then, keep it down out there! I'm trying to whistle practice! [Walks away, whistling.]
Jake: That was great! Now, we begin Phase 2! It's so powerful! Wait here! Hehehe... [Stretches away.]
Marceline: Hey, look, Finn, I know Jake's your friend and all, but... if you really want Bubblegum to go to the movies with you, you've gotta like, stop taking advice from your dog and take some advice from a real girl!
Finn: But Jake said Phase 2 is powerful!
Marceline: [Blows raspberry.] How is Jake going to know what girls want more than a real girl?
Finn: Yeah...
Marceline: Okay great. So what we need now is something... fun! Girls love fun more than anything. Fun, fun, fun! If you can show Princess Bubblegum you're fun, she'll deffs wanna go to the movies with you.
Finn: Haha, you said fun so much, it sounds all weird now. Fun. F—
Marceline: So... what do you like to do for fun, Finn?
Finn: Oh, Oh! I like to wrestle! And fight! [Makes fighting sounds & positions.] But girls don't like that.
Marceline: No, no, that's perfect! All you need to do is get in there and wrestle Princess Bubblegum to show her how fun you are. [Floats away.]
Finn: Ffffffuuunnn. Ffffuuunn. [Begins to walk after Marceline but is stopped by Jake.]
Jake: Whoa, where you going, man? Check it out!
Finn: What is that stuff?
Jake: It's a lute-suit! Girls love it! Trust me.
[Now in the hallway outside of Princess Bubblegum's bedroom, Finn is dressed in the lute-suit and Jake is shaped-changed into a chair. Marceline floats down from the ceiling.]
Marceline: Finn! What the plum are you wearing? You look horrible!
Jake: It's a lute-suit! And Finn looks adorable in it!
Marceline: Well, it's going to ruin the plan.
Jake: What she talking about, Finn?
Finn: Well... I was going to give Marceline's plan a try, too.
Jake: Her idea?! What's wrong with my idea? [Marceline flicks her tongue at Jake.]
[Princess Bubblegum is heard whistling and walks into the hallway, Jake turns back into a chair and Marceline turns into a bat and flies away.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Whistles.] Oh, hey, Finn! Did'ya ever find some—Whoa! What are you wearing?
Finn: Oh... this is my... Lute... suit.
[Jake points down at lute he stretched and motions for him to play it.]
Finn: Oh. [Singing and playing the lute.] This is my lute-suit!
Princess Bubblegum: [Starts to laugh.] Finn, that is hilarious! [Starts to laugh again.] Oh, you are killing me! [Giggles.]
Marcelince: Psst! [Still a bat and flying near the ceiling, makes wresting motions and noises.]
Finn: Oh, yeah! [Puts lute on chair-Jake.] So... Headlock! [Puts Princess Bubblegum in a headlock and she falls to the ground screaming.]
Princess Bubblegum: Guards!
[Finn is thrown out of the castle. Jake comes out of the hole in the lute, breaking the strings and falls, dizzy. Marceline sits down next to him and turns back to normal.]
Marceline: That suit was ridiculous.
Jake: Ridi—Ridiculous? What? Can you believe this girl, Finn? Huh? Can ya?
Finn: Uh... I guess the suit did feel... a little silly.
Jake: Well, fine! You can just give it back then!
[Finn take off suit.]
Finn: I'm sorry!
Jake: Good luck getting to that movie without my help! Ruff. [Stretches away.]
Marceline: Gee, he seems pretty ticked.
Finn: Naw, he just needs some spaghetti.
Marceline: Oh, okay. Well taste this, then. I've gotta a new plan.
Finn: Really?
Marceline: The only thing women like more than fun is excitement! She needs to feel her blood pump, man! She needs to... be chased by wolves!
Finn: Like metaphorically?
Marceline: Come on, I'll teach ya how to show a girl a good time. Wraps Finn's arms around her.] Hold tight. You ready?
Finn: Uhh... [Holds tighter.] Mhmm.
[Marceline takes off and laughs. They fly above a pack of running wolves and start to run with them. Marceline stops and growls at Finn until he begins to growl back and run on all fours. Finn & Marceline begin to run with the wolves, foam coming out of Finn's mouth and howl at the moon with them. Marceline bites the back of the wolf in front of her and Finn does the same. Finn and Marceline begin to ride on the back of two wolves. Marceline and Finn fly two wolves to the Candy Kingdom and outside of Princess Bubblegum's room.]
Marceline: Shhh! She's probably asleep!
[They put the wolves into Princess Bubblegum's room and close the door.]
Finn: This was a really good idea.
Marceline: [Turns into a bat.] Now don't blow it this time!
Finn: Haha, okay.
[Princess Bubblegum screams, runs out of her room and struggles to close the door behind her. She notices Finn.]
Princess Bubblegum: Oh, Finn, thank goodness you're here! There's wolves in my room!
Finn: Yeah, I know! I put them there! Pretty exciting, right? Heh heh.
[Banana Guards drag Finn out of the castle.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Sadly] I'm sorry to do this, Finn. But until you stop acting like a psycho, you're forbidden from entering the Candy Kingdom. Farewell. [Walks back into the castle, a pretzel gate sliding closed behind her. A duck quacks, and poos on him.]
Finn: I don't understand, Marceline. I tried everything. I guess she just doesn't like me. [Marceline puts a finger to his lips.]
Marceline: Shhh. Come on, Finn, a brainlord like Bonnie? You'll be bored with her in a week! And anyway I, for one, think you're pretty great. [Kisses Finn on the cheek.] Sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted. See you later, I guess! [Flies away.]
Finn: Marceline! Of course! It's been Marceline all along!
Jake: Hey, man, I've been looking for you. Sorry for acting like a dweeb before. Want some leftover spaghetti?
Finn: Ah, no, thanks, man. But I really need your help!
Jake: 'Bout time!
[Marceline is at her house and is about to play her bass, when she hears a lute playing outside. She looks out the window and she's Finn dressed in the lute-suit.]
Marceline: Uh-oh.
Finn: [Makes guitar noises.] Marceline! Will you go to the movies with me?!
[Marceline opens door.]
Marceline: We need to talk...
[Finn and Jake walk in.]
Finn: [Singing] Good evening my dear, your escort is here!
Marceline: Finn, you do NOT want to go down that road with me.
Finn: With you, I would walk down any road, m'lady. Especially, if it leads to the movies.
Marceline: Oh, yeah? No one would want to go to the movies with... [Turns into a giant tenctacle monster] this! [Laughs evilly and picks up Finn.] What do you think of me now?
Finn: How do you like your popcorn?
Marceline: Uuugh! [Turns back to normal.] You're starting to annoy me!
Finn: Well then let's do something fun, like go to the movies!
Marceline: Get off me! [Throws Finn onto her couch and floats down beside him while Jake is hiding behind the couch] Finn, I like you, but I—
Finn: Headlock! [Puts Marceline in headlock.]
Marceline: No! [Pushes Finn off] Listen to me. I'm not going to go to the movies with you! I just don't like you... that way.
[Finn lies down on the couch, sad.]
Marceline: I'm sorry Finn, I just... I don't wanna date you.
Finn: Date me? Man, I just wanna go to the movies. But everybody hates me.
Marceline: Wait, you don't want me to be your girlfriend?
Finn: Huh? No! Movies!
Marceline: If you weren't looking for a girlfriend then why were you romancing it up all day?
Finn: 'Cause Jake said Couples Night had weird kissing requirements and romance initiation rituals and whatever else.
Jake: I didn't really say all that. [Mumbles something and hides behind couch.]
Marceline: Of course I'll go with you, Finn!
Finn: You will?
Marceline: Yeah, as friends.
Finn: Of course as friends!
Marceline: But no tongue.
Finn: Yea—Wha?
[Marceline and Finn are at Couples Movie Night, sitting on an old truck and watching the intros.]
Finn and Marceline: [Both laughing excitedly]
Finn: Oh, man! I can't believe I'm finally going to see this movie!
[The movie "Love Kaboom" starts with a woman and man.]
Woman in movie: Oh, mon cher. I guess zese is goodbye.
[Finn is getting weirded out by the movie.]
Man in movie: No, not goodbye. Let's say: Farewell!
[Jake and Lady Rainicorn, Lollipop Girl & Ice Cream Guy are kissing, and so are two bugs in Ice Cream Guy's head. Finn sees all of this and throws up and turns to Marceline, who is also grossed out.]
Finn: Couples Night sucks! Marceline, would you do me the honor, of getting the plop out of here?
Marceline: There's nothing I'd like more. [Pushes Finn off the truck they are sitting on and flies up.]
Man in movie: Nothing can ever tear us apart.
[Finn tears through the screen and rides off with Marceline on running wolves.]

Episode ends