Gnomes generally reside in their kingdom, the Beneathaverse. Gnomes normally wear pointed hats.

There are at least three known species of gnomes. The Gnomes from Mount Cragdor have little bodies compared to their heads, two pairs of fairy-like wings, and are able to shoot small blasts of lightning. They kill old ladies in order to make Finn feel inadequate. The ones seen in "Power Animal" have bigger bodies compared to the prior ones, and all of them have beards. The Gnome Ruler has a white beard rather than the Gnome Minions' blond beards. They have a great knowledge of technology and mechanical systems, as seen by the machinery in the Beneathaverse, despite their lack of intelligence in regards to ideas or objectives. The Gnome Knight seen in "The Pods" has a bluish skin tone, in contrast to the other gnomes' greenish tints. He has a bigger beard with the hair and the mustache attached. He is probably not an inhabitant of the Beneathaverse due to his disparate knight uniform.

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