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The Gnome Knight appears in the episode "The Pods." After Finn and Jake find him, he tells them he was a gnome knight who was transformed into a frog. He has been guarding three magical beans because two of them are good while one is evil, and he must prevent them from ever being planted. Finn offers to assume his quest and takes the beans, which causes the Gnome Knight to return to gnome form. Although Jake protests by saying he doesn't want the quest, the gnome quickly replies "Nope, too late," and promptly disintegrates, leaving behind his helmet and a pile of dust.


He is fat, with tiny arms and legs and a long beard that cover most of his face. He is blue-skinned and he has a golden helmet with a bean on the top. He has a brown shirt and dark red pants. Over it, he has a piece of cloth with a crown-like image on its right and three gold beans on its left.


Actually, I'm a Gnome Knight who was magically transformed into a frog, and then I decided to continue being a knight!

No! I cannot die until I find a being who's spirit is brave and pure to take over my quest.

Two of the beans are good, but one is horribly evil! I have no idea which is which, so I've spent my life guarding them, preventing them from ever being planted.


  • The color pattern of the gnome's clothes seems to be inspired by the House of Gryffindor from the Harry Potter series.
    • Also, his robe has a crown on it that looks like The Lich's crown.