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This article is about the Gnomes in "The Enchiridion!" You may be looking for other Gnomes.

Gnomes make their appearance in "The Enchiridion!," found yelling for help in a bubbling lava pit. After being rescued by Finn and Jake, instead of thanking them, they begin destroying Old Ladies. After Finn fails to convince them not to destroy old women, he runs away since he does not know what to do. When Jake gets angry at them for making his friend upset and demands that they apologize, the Gnomes attempt to destroy Jake, but he dodges their blast attacks, grabs them all, and puts them back in the lava pit, where they begin to yell helplessly once again. They seem to reside only on Mount Cragdor.

Two similar-looking Gnomes were a part of the pranking machine Finn and Princess Bubblegum made in "Too Young."


There are three Gnomes. Each wears a hat, jacket, and pants. One wears red clothes and an elbow pad on the left arm. Another wears blue clothes and a glove in the right hand. The third wears yellow clothes with a knee pad on his left leg that holds a small knife. The red Gnome has the most dialogue, which could hint that he is the leader of the three. The others only speak when they yell for help in the lava pit and laugh evilly when destroying Old Ladies.


  • In "Billy's Bucket List," the Gnomes are called Fairies, and they are led by Jordan.
  • The Fool, one of Marceline's vampire enemies, is considered a vampire gnome.

Appearances in other media[]


Kill him!

Thank you for saving us.
Now we can destroy this old lady!
Every time you say "what," we'll destroy an Old lady!
Every time you say "no," we'll destroy an old lady!
Every time you look sad, we'll destroy a big old woman!
Hey, guys, every time he's a big wuss, let's destroy an old lady.


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