The Glowing Sword appears in the episode "Web Weirdos," in which Ed the spider finds it and a cape while looking for a gift for Barb in the woods. He finds it in the hands of a carcass of what seems to be a humanoid knight. He then wraps the sword in the cape and brings it to his wife in order to save their relationship. When this fails, he uses the flaming sword to free Finn, Jake, and the two flies from his web and drops the sword on the ground. Ed and Barb now own this sword.[1]

The Glowing Sword also appears in the game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! where it is used to destroy the Ice Blocks in the Ice Kingdom. It is obtained by going to Flame Princess in the Fire Kingdom.


This is a sword imbued with fire magic. Its inscriptions glow and it is surrounded with flame when it is held.




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