The Glasses of Nerdicon are magical glasses that appear in the episode "The Real You," when Finn gets them from Choose Goose to become smart for the Super Science Barbecue. The price Finn paid for the glasses was entertaining Choose Goose, which he accomplished by moving his index finger while scat singing. However, they cause him to go insane with uncontrollable intellect, and he builds a Bubble creator that creates a four-dimensional bubble, causing a black hole. However, this may be intentional because these actions were listed on Finn's bulleted form. Princess Bubblegum throws away the glasses, causing them to get sucked into the black hole which Finn destroys. 


The Glasses of Nerdicon appear to be a normal pair of glasses, having two lenses with rectangular frames; however it doesn't have a nose pad. It also has a small piece of tape holding it together in the middle. It was displayed using one of Choose Goose's busts.

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