Glasses makes his first and only appearance in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." In the episode, he is one of the "posers" who gives Finn the antidote to The lumps, since Jake was infected due to Lumpy Space Princess accidentally biting him. He hangs out with Monty and Lenny on Makeout Point. According to Monty, they were all ditched there when someone drove away without them. His appearance seemingly portrays him as a nerd, especially when he points out the statistics of Finn making a jump from Makeout Point to Promcoming. He is the only one of the three posers whose "smooth" form has not been shown. He has the smallest amount of dialogue of the trio.


Glasses looks kind of like a blue fish. He has one dorsal fin-like protrusion on the top of his body that is uncharacteristic of other Lumpy Space People. He is also much smaller than the others. He does have arms like the other Lumpy Space People, and like his friends he has acne on his face. He wears round glasses.


Really? You think we're smooth?

I'd say there's a fifty-fifty chance of you making it.

Wow, he's insane.


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