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Glassassins are black, Glass Person-like creatures created by Larvo. They served as minor antagonists in the Distant Lands Episode “Obsidian”, where they are created and spawned by Larvo, and were sent to kill Marceline.


The Glassassins are made out of black, molten glass. They have blank white eyes and long fangs that stick out of their mouths. Glassassins can change their form at will, and can reassemble themselves if their bodies or any pieces of their bodies are cut or split apart. They are also able to shape-shift their arms into sharp weapons like stingers.

When the three Glassassins merged together into one giant monster, it had a bigger body build with three heads and three arms.

In their new form, the Glassassins turn from glass creatures into several small cat-butterfly creatures. They are cream in color at the front and have pink ears and pink lining on their arms and legs. They have a small white circular pattern on their bellies, and they now have butterfly wings that are lavender in color.


The Glassassins were created and sent by Larvo to kill Marceline. They eventually made their way to Marceline's house and found Simon there. Simon revealed to them that Marceline had already left with Princess Bubblegum and Glassboy.

The Glassassins make their way back to the Glass Kingdom, and there they attack Marceline. They managed to gain the upper hand on Marceline, until she beats them by blowing them up with the sound of her bass. But unbeknownst to everyone in the Glass Kingdom, what's left from the Glassassins are still alive and have slithered away somewhere else. Later, it is revealed that the Glassassins have reformed and merged together into a giant, three headed beast. They also destroyed not only Marceline's motorcycle, but also her bass. Marceline briefly confronts them for destroying her bass, but having already decided that helping Bonnie is more important, she flies off with Glassboy, and heads back to the Glass Kingdom. The Glassassins soon follow her back after flying off. They make their way back to the Glass Kingdom again, just as Larvo was released again from the furnace. But upon seeing Larvo, they realized that he has changed into a peaceful winged cat-like creature, which prompted them to change as well, turning themselves into several small cat-butterfly creatures.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being made out of molten glass, the Glassassins are able to:

  • Shape-shift their arms into sharp weapons like spikes, stingers, and hooks.
  • Reshape or reassemble themselves if any part of their body is sliced off or split apart; or even after their whole body explodes into tiny droplets. This ability also allows them to merge together and become a bigger and more powerful monster.

Episode Appearances[]

Major Appearances[]


Glassassins’ Origin (6) Glassassins- back at the Glass Kingdom (2) Glassassins roaring
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  • The Glassassins' design bears some resemblance to the Spider-Man villain Venom.
    • Such features include the all-black body, the blank white eyes, and the long tongue.
  • The name “Glassassin” is portmanteau of the words ‘glass’ and ‘assassin’. “Glass”, because the creatures are made of glass; and “Assassin”, defined as “someone who kills an important person”, perfectly describes their role in the episode “Obsidian”: being sent by Larvo to find and kill Marceline, as his away of getting revenge on her for driving him back in the furnace, while he’s still trapped in the furnace (until he was released by Princess Bubblegum).