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Glassassins are black, Glass Person-like creatures created by Larvo. They can combine themselves to form a larger, more powerful monster.


The Glassassins are made out of black, molten glass. They have blank white eyes and long fangs that stick out of their mouths. Glassassins can change their form at will.


The Glassassins were created and sent by Larvo to kill Marceline. They eventually made their way to Marceline's house and found Simon there. Simon revealed to them that Marceline had already left with Princess Bubblegum and Glassboy.

The Glassassins make their way back to the Glass Kingdom and there, they attack Marceline. They manage to restrain Marceline until she blows them apart with the sound of her bass. Later, the Glassassins reform and merge together.

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