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Giuseppe (pronounced "ji-SEP-ee") is a character who appears in "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe." He is a silent, wrinkly old man Abracadaniel picks up for a wizard road trip to Big Butt Rock, who receives his name from Ice King.

Giuseppe reveals little of himself on the trip, though he is helpful enough to exit the bus to get crabapples for the wizards upon Ice King's request. He winds up being left behind due to his slowness, and Ice King pays tribute to him by reading a "spell" Giuseppe wrote as part of an exercise with the other wizards.

The "spell" implies that Giuseppe regrets not being able to protect his daughter, in that she passed away before he did unlike other fathers who lie in the fields who protected their daughters better than he did, and it moves the wizards on the bus to tears.

Later, Giuseppe reappears to save the wizards when their bus is sinking in a swamp using considerable magic power of his own (likely a reference to Yoda pulling Luke's X-Wing out of the swamps of Dagobah in Star Wars: Episode V). When asked by Ice King how he did this, he merely provides a wink and a thumbs-up before dissolving into a mass of sparkly lights that settle upon the nearby trees. Abracadaniel wonders who Giuseppe was, and Ice King replies that he doesn't know, but that Giuseppe was trying to show the wizards something new.

The scene then pulls out to show the sparkly lights on the trees have formed the shape of Giuseppe's head, which winks. Later, it's shown that the wizards on the trip have formed a society whose members wear rings imprinted with the image of the crabapple tree, in tribute to their experience with Giuseppe.


Giuseppe has the posture and look of an old man. He could be a humanoid due to his skin color, which is blue. Giuseppe has only nine strands of hair on his head including three popping out of each ear. He is seen semi-naked wearing only a brown undergarment. His skin is wrinkly, and he has a large round stomach.


  • Giuseppe is an Italian version of the name "Joseph".