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Gingerbread Muto is a gingerbread man resembling Adam Muto. He appears in "Slumber Party Panic," "The Enchiridion!," "The Pajama War" and "Hot Diggity Doom" in crowds. He also appears scared in the opening scene of "No One Can Hear You." He makes an ongoing appearance in the opening sequence on top of the castle; the one time he doesn't make this appearance is in "Fionna and Cake" in which Gingerbread Rebecca takes his place. According to Adam Muto, Gingerbread Muto is "crafty."[1]

He is one of the Gingerbread with the same names as Adventure Time staff members. The others are Gingerbread Pen, Gingerbread Rebecca, and Gingerbread Pat. Adam Muto and Pendleton Ward confirmed that it was a younger, vibrant version of himself.[2]

Gingerbread Muto is a major character in the Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy comic book from KaBOOM!, where he is recruited to join the Banana Guards. He is portrayed as by far the toughest and most dedicated cadet, with an obsessive dedication to law, order and joining the Banana Guards.


Gingerbread Muto has two red buttons and one blue button on his chest. He also has white lines all over his body presumably marking a shirt, collar, pants, and shoes. He has short, straight dark brown hair that has bangs and goes to the side.


  • He is the only Gingerbread person to have eyebrows. This may be a joke considering, in the "Finn Heads" set in the Adventure Time collection on Flickr, the Finn head titled "finnmutoface" has very thick eyebrows, and is one of only two Finn heads to even have eyebrows.
  • At the end of "Slumber Party Panic," when the Candy Zombies are revived Gingerbread Muto is holding hands and dancing with revived Candy Person #112.
  • He also appeared in "From Bad to Worse" as a candy zombie.
  • During Comic Con 2013, it was re-confirmed by Pen that this was Adam Muto. It was also stated that Pen has always drawn Muto in this style, and that he liked "putting him into things to embarrass him." This is why he always appears in the intro.[3]