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Ghost Princess - formerly known as Warrior Princess, and later known as Anti-Ghost Princess and Auntie Ghost Princess in the comics - makes her first appearance in the episode "Prisoners of Love", which she is kidnapped by the Ice King and saved by Finn and Jake. She also makes an appearance in the episode "What is Life?" in Ice King's Imagination Zone, and in "Loyalty to the King", as one of the princesses who wanted to marry the Nice King. In the latter Jake yells at her to make her go away, which makes her think that Nice King hates her and causes her to cry. She is the main character in "Ghost Princess" where she discovers the cause of her death and ascends to the 50th Dead World with Clarence.


She is light transparent blue in color,[1] and wears a floating tiara with a green gem at its center. Upon close inspection, the dress she wears is actually attached to her head. Her overall appearance is much like that of a traditional "floating sheet" ghost, and similar to Raggedy Princess' appearance. She has unusual eyes compared to most Adventure Time characters, having pupils.

During the time she was alive, Ghost Princess was Warrior Princess, who wore brown, leather armour with a brown belt, and had long blonde hair. She had green skin, similar to Shoko, and a tiara with a green gem. The green gem's meaning is unknown. Opposed to her ghost form, she actually had dark eyes, instead.


In her mortal life as Warrior Princess, she is shown to be vastly different from her ghost form, being overly stubborn and confident in battle, along with loud and brash. Despite loving Clarence, she refused to back down in a battle with both of their troops, which resulted in her death at the hands of Clarence.

As Ghost Princess, she is shown to be a relatively shy, sensitive, and gentle individual, opposed to her mortal form. She is also very forgiving, as she quickly forgave Clarence, and eventually ascended with him to the 50th Dead World. The reason she is so different from her mortal form is unknown, however, it could possibly be a result of being alone for so long.


Ghost Princess formerly ruled an unknown kingdom under the name of "Warrior Princess". Judging by her former name, it could be presumed she liked fighting to an extent. The way she ruled her kingdom was unknown, leaving much to speculation. She eventually lost her life to her lover, Clarence, during a battle, becoming a ghost shortly afterwards.

Because she was not aware of who murdered her, she had to roam The Land of Ooo in search for many years, which seemed to take a toll on her. In the episode "Ghost Princess", she finally reunites with Clarence, and, upon discovering he killed her, forgave him, and ascended to the 50th Dead World to live in eternal peace and bliss.

When Finn arrives in the 50th Dead World in his search for Jake, he comes across Ghost Princess and Clarence, along with numerous other souls are there as well, all of whom are apparently in an unresponsive and peaceful state of mind.


The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

After they reached the afterlife, Clarence abandoned Ghost Princess for all the other ghost girls, proving he actually was "some donkus." Ghost Princess, being the only friendly ghost, was constantly bullied by the other ghosts. By sheer force of will, she revived herself and began to wage a war on ghosts. She became an expert in ghost-hunting equipment and joined up with Cherry Chris and Hairy Chris to create the Ghost Destroyers: a team of ghost hunters.

When Finn and Jake are turned into ghosts and accidentally scare Princess Bubblegum, she calls the Ghost Destroyers, but Finn accidentally causes their ghost-capturing apparatus to jam, causing a cascade that frees all the ghosts from their containment unit.


  • She harnesses powers similar to the elementary "ghost": she can move through objects and float.


I'm really nervous right now... I-I just really want to meet a nice king.

—"Loyalty to the King"

Until I discover the cause of my death, my soul can't ascend to the 50th Dead World. But as a ghost, I have no memory of my mortal life... And no idea how I died.

—"Ghost Princess"

It's all right, Finn. I'm calling off the investigation. I don't feel tormented anymore now that I'm with Clarence.

—"Ghost Princess"

I forgive you, Clarence. Take my hands! Ascend with me to the 50th Dead World!

—"Ghost Princess"


  • Ghost Princess is one of Ice King's least favorite princesses because he can't hold her with his "love mitts," as stated in "Hitman".
  • Even though she possesses the power to pass through solid objects, she never attempts to leave the locked cell in the episode "Prisoners of Love" until Finn saves her and the other Princesses (though, if the cell was made from the Ice King's ice, it may have been magic and could have stopped her from escaping).
  • When interrogated by Finn, the ghost of the individual, Boilbee, buried next to Ghost Princess's body states that "she's been here longer than almost everybody!" confirming that she died longer ago than most of the others buried in the cemetery.
  • The single word "FEMALE" is inscribed on Ghost Princess' grave.
  • In the episodes "Loyalty to the King" and "Prisoners of Love," Ghost Princess seems to have a high but relatively normal voice, but throughout the episode "Ghost Princess," there are ghostly effects added to it.
  • There is no apparent division between Ghost Princess' dress and her head and arms.
  • She makes a cameo appearance in the title card for "Princess Monster Wife."
  • Her phone consists of five floating squares.
  • In Ice King's Imagination Zone, shown in "What is Life?", Ghost Princess seems to be glowing more than usual.
  • In the comic book, Ghost Princess has been replaced with Ghost Princess 2.
    • In issue #28 of the comic, Ghost Princess 1 returns, revealing that she did not like it in the 50th Dead World because hot ghosts were always hitting on Clarence, and were mean to her. Through force of will, she returned to life as Warrior Princess, and became "Anti-Ghost Princess," hunting down rogue ghosts in Ooo. However, this series is not canon to the events of the cartoon, and these events were later contradicted in "Together Again".
  • According to CN Latin America, she wishes for a hug, and her greatest fear is, ironically, ghosts.
  • On the CN website, if you have an account, you can change your profile picture to Ghost Princess.
  • It is unknown whether she was a registered princess before she ascended to the 50th Dead World and whether she was registered as Warrior Princess or Ghost Princess.

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