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Ghost Man first appears in "Blood Under the Skin." Finn and Jake encounter him in the Home Of Zeldron's Armor. He is highly addicted to the game Drop Ball and will not let anyone pass unless they beat his high score, which is 6. Finn and Jake sneak past him while he is instructing them on playing Drop Ball, but when they get the armor, he becomes angry and turns into a monster because they were not listening to him. He then mistakes Jake for his mother while Jake is wearing the Armor of Zeldron. Jake tells him to go outside, and he complies. This causes him to revert to his normal self and cures him of his addiction to Drop Ball. He thanks them and then re-appears briefly in the episode "Paper Pete" reading a book. He appears again in "The Lich."


Ghost Man is a semi-transparent pale green color. His torso is shaped like a bean, and his butt is the most noticeable feature on his body. He is vaguely humanoid, though significantly simpler in shape. He has thicker lips than most characters.

In his revived state, he looks exactly the same, but is a more saturated green color and is no longer transparent.


Dropball is an extremely addictive, high-intensity game designed for people everywhere.

Now, I don't want you to be intimidated, but my high score is six.

No, no no! You're doing it all wrong! Let me show you how the pros do it.

You did not watch my Dropball technique! I give you first-hand tips that no one else knows and this is how you thank me?! I absolutely disagree with that!

Oh, thank you, Finn and Jake! You've freed me from the addiction of Dropball!


  • Ghost Man's addiction to Drop Ball is inspired by Marc Griffin and his enthusiasm for "Bulletball," the sport he invented.[1]
  • Ghost Man can be defeated with three hits in Sound Castle 2.
  • He is also in Legends of Ooo, where one must find his drop ball so he can scare away an ogre.
  • He is the only ghostly figure known to walk instead of floating.
  • He also makes a cameo in "The Lich," but is playing with a paddleball.