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The Ghost Fly was a character first introduced in "Ghost Fly." When it was alive, it drank some of Jake's soup. Not finishing the soup counted as "unfinished business," so the fly came back as a ghost, terrorizing Jake, Finn, and BMO at the Tree Fort. Eventually Jake wants to fight the fly, so BMO kills him temporarily with a special Karate move. Jake returns as a ghost in a "low-level dead world" and accidentally spills the soup he made. The soup comes back as a ghost, and the ghost fly begins drinking it. Jake realizes not finishing his soup was the fly's unfinished business, but before the fly can ascend to another dead world, Jake swats it to the ground.


When it was alive, the ghost fly looked like a normal fly, with red eyes and a long proboscis. After it died, the fly glowed a light blue color, and it had a sheet over it. However, its eyes and proboscis were not covered by the sheet. For most of the time it was a ghost, it carried a ghost scythe.


  • The fly can be kept away if one is inside a circle of chalk, as seen in the episode.


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