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"Ghost Fly" is the seventeenth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and seventy-third episode overall.


Jake kills a fly that gets into his soup. However, he and Finn must get creative when the fly returns as a powerful ghost to haunt them.[3]


Inside the Tree Fort, BMO is practicing Karate techniques from a magazine, while Finn is reading a magazine called Adventure Boy, and Jake is trying to ignore his "restless leg" problem. Finn then says he's going to sleep, and Jake goes to the kitchen to make soup, hoping it will cure his restless leg. While he's at it, a fly comes by and starts drinking the soup. Jake quickly kills it, calling the fly a "disgusting, disgusting creature."

Afterwards, Jake tries to sleep, but he hears noises coming downstairs and decides to investigate. He then discovers that the fly he killed has turned into a ghost and is haunting the Tree Fort. Realizing that neither he, Finn, nor BMO can handle the situation, they run out of the Tree Fort only to run back in as the ghost fly teleports in front of them. They call Peppermint Butler for help with the ghost fly.

When he arrives, he draws protective circles around Finn, Jake, and BMO. He starts talking about his plan, and, using his tools that are inside the bag he brought with him, how he will banish the ghost fly. But right after he says it, the ghost fly comes, steals the bag and hides it inside a hole in the wall. Peppermint Butler then jumps out of the window and runs away in fear, leaving the three inside the circles in the house.

Jake tells everyone to wait until morning since that is allegedly when ghosts go to sleep, but Finn see the pages of his magazine flipping (probably the ghost fly turning it). He decides to to expand the circle with the chalk Peppermint Butler left behind in the hopes of finishing his comic. When he finishes drawing the expanded circle (which is actually in the shape of a woman), Finn proceeds to finish the comic. However, he starts acting strangely shortly after, soon revealing that he is possessed by the fly due to the loss of protection from the circle.

The fly, using Finn's body, starts flying after creating wings and spits on the floor in front of Jake and BMO. Jake says he wants to be a ghost so he can punch that fly in the face, so BMO says he can kill him using a technique it learned from the Karate magazine that stops the heart for some minutes. BMO would bring Jake back to life five minutes later, but he would need unfinished matters to actually become a ghost. So Jake starts telling a joke, and BMO kills him before he can finish, releasing Jake's soul as a ghost into the ghost world.

Ghost Jake tries to fight the ghost fly but fails and starts running, while the fly slices everything in its way with the ghost scythe he created. When they get to the kitchen, Jake accidentally spills the soup, and the ghost fly comes to drink it because that was its unfinished matter. Jake kills the fly's ghost and moments later is brought back to life, believing BMO did it, while he was in fact inside the hospital and Doctor Princess just brought him back to life using defibrillators.


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  • This episode was teased in the loading screen of the Card Wars application in the new Halloween update showing Finn as a fly and giving players a new hero card, 'Ghost Jake'.
  • Despite going to considerable lengths to keep his knowledge of black magic secret from Princess Bubblegum in "Nemesis," it is evident from this episode that Peppermint Butler's abilities are known to Finn, Jake, and BMO.
  • A defibrillator cannot actually make a heart function again if it stopped.
    • Although, the episode does not make it clear that this is the function for which they were employed. His heart my have gone into fibrillation after having restarted, but before he regained consciousness.
  • The Two Headed Duck from the opening and the episode "The Witch's Garden" appears to be deceased as shown in the Low-level Dead World.

Episode connections

  • The illness Restless Leg Syndrome, which Jake suffers from at the start of the episode, was first seen in the episode "Betty," where the Forest Wizard suffered from it.
  • BMO's ability to stop a heart using martial arts was first mentioned in "Card Wars," where, after "BMO Chopping" Finn, BMO said that if it were a real attack, Finn would be dead.
  • The gauntlet next to the armor Finn and Jake were hiding in is the same one as the gauntlet in "Rainy Day Daydream."
  • The "30's Jazz" heard from the record player is an instrumental track from "Belly of the Beast" and "Burning Low."

Cultural references

  • This episode has several similarities with the infamous episode "Fly" from Breaking Bad. Both are about killing a fly that is haunting the protagonists, with a limited cast, and only one setting, being considered "filler" episodes.
  • The Ghost Fly's appearance and the Scythe may be a reference to Death, or Grim Reaper, who wears a coat and wields a scythe.
    • A ghost returning in the guise of the Grim Reaper is also an important element of the Peter Jackson movie The Frightners.
  • Peppermint Butler standing outside the Tree Fort wearing a hat and carrying a bag is an obvious homage to the famous shot from The Exorcist.
    • The scene where Fly-Finn is on the ceiling and vomits onto the floor is also a reference.
  • When Jake tells Finn what diseases a fly could transmit, he references real life diseases, such as tuberculosis, polio, and dysentery, which is false because flies are not known to transmit such diseases.
  • The use of a cymbal-banging monkey toy as an element of horror originates in the Stephen King short story The Monkey, although its use as an ominous harbinger may be considered to have originated with the Steven Spielberg film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.
  • Finn is reading "Adventure Boy" magazine, starring boy adventurer Rusty. This may be a reference to Venture Bros. There is an orange butterfly on both the front and back cover, possibly a reference to The Monarch, the main antagonist of Venture Bros.

Production notes

  • This episode aired on a Tuesday night instead of a Thursday night. It also aired at a new time (6PM EST).



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