Generic B'Onangutans are a species of orangutans which reside mainly in the Wet Pipes Water Park. They first appear in "Water Park Prank" when Finn helps their Princess get rid of Daddy Sad Heads. As a reward the Princess gives Finn a universal token and flies him to the water park.

They are mostly seen to inhabit the Wet Pipes Water Park as many seem to go swimming there and have their ginger hair clogging the showers.


The b'onangutans discovered the Water Park which was actually a long disused chemical plant. The b'onangutans falsely recognized on the hazard warning signs everywhere and assumed the place was an ancient water park constructed by their bald ancestors. The b'onangutans have since painted ginger hair over all the surviving signs.


They resemble an orangutan with bodies that vaguely resembles a balloon with four string dangling below shape. Their body is covered with ginger hair excluding her feet and face.


They all have the ability to fly by rotating their four legs in a rapid rotor motion (like a helicopter's rotor).


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