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A gauntlet dock is a "dock that is also a gauntlet." A dock is a platform built out from the shore into the water and a gauntlet is a weapon- and obstacle-covered challenge. Finn and Jake start creating it in the episode "Business Time" over Iceberg Lake. It is originally a very poorly built dock consisting of planks of wood loosely connected by rope. It only has two medieval flails, a saw blade, and an axe on it before the Business Men renovate it. Finn is originally reluctant to let the Businessmen work on the dock, but Jake (being lazy) convinces him to hire the Businessmen. The purpose of the gauntlet dock is possibly to train and possibly for enjoyment. It is still there in "Mortal Folly."

Accessories built onto the Gauntlet Dock

The accessories are listed in order of appearance:

  • Rope ladder
  • Log trap
  • Swinging axe
  • Saw blade
  • Three holes in the floor
  • Giant pair of scissors
  • Boots on springs
  • Guillotine (broken by Finn)
  • A tether-ball pole with the giant top of a mace attached to it
  • Wooden ramp
  • Fire hoop
  • Giant container with Spike Balls extending out over the water


  • The gauntlet dock is one of the areas in Righteous Quest 2, though it is called "Obstacle Course."
  • In "Business Time," Finn breaks the guillotine, but in "Mortal Folly" it is fixed.