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The Gate Guardian appears in the episode "Death in Bloom." He asks for the cause of death before someone gets through the gates to the Land of the Dead. He allows a skeleton to pass, who says that he died from a spear in the neck, which is very easy to see, but he does not allow Finn and Jake into the Land of the Dead, since they are alive. However, they distract him long enough to walk in the gate behind him. He then yells for them to come back. Strangely, he does not attempt to stop them with force, but they were already too far through the gate for him to care.


The Gate Guardian looks like a skeletal pterodactyl of some sort with one large eye and large purple wings, which resemble angel wings, except with missing feathers and the fact that they are torn and ragged. Curiously, there is a ladder perched up on his hip bone. It is unknown if the ladder is just sitting there or if it is a part of him. He also has small strings of what appears to be green slime dripping from a few of his bones.


  • In the storyboard for "Death in Bloom" the Gate Guardian is fleshy rather than skeletal and does not have wings.
  • The Gate Guardian has feathers on his wings even though he does not have flesh.


Welcome to the Underworld. Cause of death?

You may enter.

Hmm... Step out of line.
Hey! I said no!
Hey! Hey!