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Gareth is a character that made his first and only appearance in "One Last Job." He has an abnormally large yellow head, which he uses to "possess" women.



Gareth is one of the members of Jake's old gang alongside Jake, Tiffany, and the Flying Lettuce Brothers.

Lollipop Girl[]

At the beginning of "One Last Job," Gareth is in the middle of a date with Lollipop Girl and hypnotizing her into giving him all she owned. However, he is unsuccessful because Jake's call interrupts him.


Gareth is yellow and wears a striped green and red tank top. He has black eyes and brown hair. His chiseled facial features and attractiveness may be a reason why he is also known as the "Lady Master."


Gareth has the ability to put women under the "spell" of his face and hypnotize them into adoring him. This ability was not used during the break-in in "One Last Job" but only in the beginning when he was on a date with Lollipop Girl.


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