The Adventure Time Game Creator is an Adventure Time themed game creator on the Cartoon Network website.

Similar to other game creators on Cartoon Network website,  a player can either build his/her own game after six steps, or he/she can play other games created by other Cartoon Network users.

At present, you can play as the following characters: Finn, Jake, Marceline, Ice King, Flame Princess, Gunter, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and Lumpy Space Princess.


Finn: He throws his golden sword which destroys projectiles and then hit enemy.His attack hits one enemy.             He can do a double jump.                                                                                                                                   Power Attack: Sword Storm

Jake: His attack his Stretchy Punch. His attack can defeat more than one enemy.He can do multi-jump.                    Power Attack: Giant Jake

Marceline: Undetected by homing bats Ice King: Immune to ice beams Flame Princess: Walks on lava, but cannot swim

Gunter: He, equipped with the Demonic Wishing Eye, will release a green penguin at target.                                   Power Attack: Kitten Laser

Princess Bubblegum: She throws lab flasks.                        

     Power Attack: Peppermint Charge

Beemo: She pulls out a joystick and whips!                  

    Power Attack: Bouncy Bee

Lumpy Space Princess: He pulls out a bindle to hit the ground!              

    Power Attack: Rainbow Spew

Walls and Floors

  • Normal Platform #1: Can be walked on but can't jump through.
  • Normal Platform #2: Can be walked on and jump through.
  • Cloud: Moves horizontally. Place beginning and ending points.
  • Teleporter: Teleports hero to another teleporter.
  • Ice Platform: Will fall after walked on.
  • Disappearing Platforms: Disappears after few seconds.


  • Gems: Can be collected.
  • Power Attack: Gives you a power attack.
  • Shield: Makes you invicible for a short time.
  • Crate #1: Can be pushed or attacked.
  • Crate #2: Can be pushed but can't be attacked.


  • Goo Skulls: Shoot but can't move.
  • Ed with flaming sword: Shoot and move.
  • Heat-Seeking Bat Launcher: Launch heat bats that follows the characters.
  • Ice Beam: Shoot Ice Beam in one directions.
  • Lava: Kills hero when touched.
  • Enemy Maker: Makes new enemy. 
  • Water: Hero is able to swim but will die if the hero is underwater for too long.

Character Special Abilities

  • Finn: Destroys projectiles
  • Jake: Multi-jump
  • Marceline: Undetected by homing bats
  • Ice King: Immune to ice beams
  • Flame Princess: Walks on lava, but cannot swim
  • Gunter: Moves fast
  • Princess Bubblegum: Every third flask explodes
  • Beemo: Can glide in air
  • Lumpy Space Princess: Can float in air


  • Stockpile: Collect a power-up but beat a level without using it.
  • End Game: Build games using all 4 goal types.
  • Real Power: Defeat 5 enemies using a single power-up.
  • Now You See Me: Make a game that only uses disappearing platforms.
  • Treasure Chests: Collect 1,000 gems over multiple games.
  • Game Time!: Make a game.
  • REAL HERO - Beat a game with any character.
  • DEATH TRAP - Build a game that uses every hazard.
  • THE POWER OF DESTRUCTION - Defeat 100 enemies across multiple games.                                  ​
  • ALL THE LITTLE PEOPLE- Make a game with Finn, Jake, Ice King, Marceline and FP.                                   




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